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Friday, August 16, 2013


Anonymous said...

Haha perfect! You also could've gone with "At Last" :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping me keep my sanity as a Phillies fan during the Manuel years, by the way. After the other critics turned into cowards and the media and bandwagon fans started praising and anointing him Philly sports royalty, you were the only site that had the balls to stick to your convictions. Thank you for that.

Andy Musser said...

Thanks for the nice words. There are many factors as to why the site lagged behind this year, with one of course being the likelihood that this would be Manuel's last season. The fact that Manuel was fired mid-season (especially so close to year-end), is surprising to me, but it is a welcome surprise. I would be lying if I said I felt any sense of nostalgia for Charlie Manuel, because while he's clearly a decent and well-intentioned man, the years of 2005 and 2006 were just as painful as 2008 was glorious (and don't forget his bringing in Kyle Lohse to give up a grand slam in the 2007 NLDS).

It is good to see that Manuel was unable to make it through this terrible season, because we obviously gave up on it as well. It gets redundant at a point.

I am currently writing a pretty long post about the Manuel era, and it may end up being a series of posts.

Thanks again for coming back despite our relative indifference this season, and stay tuned for some reminders of how badly this manager truly operated.

Anonymous said...

Your and idiot. Manuel isn't hitting or pitching or fielding the ball. Duhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Haha let's also not forget Clay Condrey, Geoff Geary, Wes Helms, how awful the bullpens were in his first two years, where I actually felt bad for guys like Tejeda and Brito when they were coming up because they would pitch great outings and then lose the game thanks to the awful bullpen and its mismanagement by him. It's no surprise that guys have left the Phillies and gone on to have better years with other teams, even Ibanez had over 20 home runs this year at the All Star break.

I definitely feel no nostalgia for Charlie either. I just feel for the guys who came here to win a World Series or who gave so many years to the Phillies who didn't win because they had such an awful manager. Almost 10 years of his mismanagement, after having to go through the Ed Wade years before that.

These young kids and bandwagon fans have no idea how good they have it.