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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Game 73: Jayson Werth helps Nats take series from Phillies (35-38)

Kyle Kendrick was extremely efficient in the series finale against the Nationals last Wednesday.  He threw 92 pitches in 7.2 innings while only allowing 1 run.  He struck out 6 and walked 1.

In the 8th inning, Chad Tracy was used to pinch hit with 2 outs.  Charlie Manuel used Antonio Bastardo to pitch to the lefty.  However, Davey Johnson burnt Tracy and used RHB Marrero to face the Bastardo.  This move was fairly transparent, and I think it was a good choice by Manuel to choose a fresh Bastardo against Marrero rather than use a 92 pitch, albeit effective, Kendrick against Chad Tracy.  Kendrick has stuggled in his career against LHH.  Bastardo got Tracy out to end the inning.

Jayson Werth beat Papelbon in the 9th to tie the game and send it to extras.

Ian Desmond hit a grand slam in the 11th off of Michael Stutes.


Robby Bonfire said...

I see The Old Mule was ill, last night. I sympathize. Even more than that I sympathize with everyone The Old Mule has made ill since 2005. Just think, Sandberg will be the second-coming of Connie Mack, by the time he gets to manage this team.

Surely we can have three managers in Philadelphia history over 90. What's wrong with that? Mack, The Old Mule, and then Sandberg. Think I'm kidding?

Anonymous said...

"The Old Mule" has done things for this franchise that no one would've ever imagined. Remember that once he's fired and the rest of the "phonies" realize you're the franchise that has lost the most games in professional sports history!!!

Robby Bonfire said...

Oh God, cutting slack for the worst manager in MLB history. Tell me, "Genius," how did this "Einstein" handle Cormier, Lidge, Halladay, Happ, Mesa, Lee, that awful Blanton, etc?

The answer is he either overworked, and/or gave too much responsibility to every pitcher who ever pitched for him.

Lee being made to throw 120 pitches in a game AFTER the Phillies had clinched the home edge through the playoffs.

Lidge, with an 8-run ERA, being brought in, in Yankee Stadium in 2009, to "protect" the 2-run lead Happ had - how did that work out, apart from Lidge blowing the game, not getting the win probably costing Happ the ROY award?

Cormier being given the ball 57 times in a 6-run ERA season.

Mesa being the closer for an entire year when he had a 6+ ERA.

Lidge the closer the entire year of 2009 when his ERA for the year settled at 7.

Blanton being started over Lee in game 5 in Yankee Stadium in the 2009 WS, which cost the Phillies all chance at successfully retaining their 2008 title.

And how about his installing - for years - Jimmy Rollins in the leadoff position. In mid-2005, just to cite one example, Rollins was showing a .316 OBP (while garnering 25 per cent of all Phillies inning leadoff AB's, and just a .265 OPB at that time, while actually leading off an inning!!! What was the impact to the team, of all this Rollins mis-management - how about missing the playoffs that year by ONE GAME!

And, not finally, but enough for now, The Sub-Human Mule not knowing his left from his right and that baseball is a left-handed game.

Phillies fans have suffered this rot since 2005, and seen enough to indict this man for gross incompetence, at the very least, in over a thousand in-game instances.

You defend him all you like, and while you are at it, try to convince us you are not his nephew. After all, even a primal soup amoeba has relatives.

Anonymous said...

I guess if we're a product of primordial soup as you suggest, we're all kin, and you should say nicer things about OUR ol' Uncle Charlie ;)

"Worst manager in baseball history" LOL Funny that in the 130+ years of Philadelphia baseball he is the all time leader in wins, and has one the best winning percentages, too. And don't give me some line about the great talent. Philly's had some talent, but they're not running Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton out there.

"Uncle" Cholly:
-5 straight seasons with a higher win total in comparison to the previous season
-Phillies 14 100-loss seasons in team history
-Phillies ONE 100-win season in team history (guess who was managing?!)
-Veterans up at the gate in the first inning and choose your seat to this dump!
-Citizens Bank...Sellouts! Desirable atmosphere! A team Philthadelphia could be proud of!
-Brad Lidge: Perfect save season in 2008!
-Cormier's best seasons in the MLB with the Phillies
-Halladay: Perfect game! Postseason no-no! Two best ERA'S in a season with the Phils! Only 16 of his 67 CG's have been as a Philly. The guy's breaking down from throwing innings over the course of his ENTIRE career...
Lee: Stiffed the Yankees and their insane contract offer because he wanted to play for our uncle! Charlie was the difference maker in this decision :)

The longest tenured and winningest manager in franchise history. Baseball in Philly has been absolutely lousy many times - bad teams, players and managers. Over a 131 year period, 51 managers, only two world series titles, and this guy delivered one! Four major sports teams in the city of brotherly love (no homo), and only one championship in the past 34 years...guess who again??? Terry freakin' Francona couldn't get it done!

Robby Bonfire said...

The Phillies have suffered measurably over the years from atrocious managers, including some with ostensible success - Eddie Sawyer, who won the 1950 pennant, but who, along with Mayo Smith who came later, absolutely demolished Robin Roberts with overwork, so that Hall of Famer Roberts went 10-22 at age 31, with an overall .500Phillies ballclub, and was effectively done.

We all know about Gene Mauch, who not only was the antithesis of Earl Weaver with his "little ball" concept, but also, like Sawyer before him, ruined the Phillies World Championship chances by relieving with starters Bunning and Short down the stretch in 1964, just as Sawyer had done with Roberts in 1950.

Mayo Smith allowed Robin Roberts to throw 190 (!) pitches on ~opening night~ April 16, 1957, vs. the Brooklyn Dodgers, at Connie Mack Stadium. This is what led to Roberts' 10-22 collapse, that year.

As regards Manuel's winning percentage, any dolt off the streets, respecting work load and the lefty-righty fundamentals of the game would show a HIGHER winning percentage.

All the abuse and mis-handling of all the pitchers, plus Rollins, I use as examples, above, and yet you STILL don't see the light! Remarkable, how emotion trumps hard core evidence every time with myopic vision zombies.

And by the way, any half-decent manager would have brought two or three championships to Philadelphia in the Manuel era. The success of 2008 was a gift to the Phillies from the power brokers in Las Vegas who stood to lose a bundle, had Tampa Bay prevailed. They made sure that Tampa Bay did not prevail.

Charlie Manuel is easily the most selfish, self-serving, swinish excuse for a human being I have observed, since Al Davis was a suckling baby.

Now give it a rest.

Robby Bonfire said...

The Philadelphia baseball all time leader in managerial wins is Connie Mack, the MLB all time leader for managerial wins, as well.

You were born in 2000? History before you were born doesn't count?

Anonymous said...

Two posts in a row that prove absolutely nothing more than any of the other garbage that you've offered. Nice job! It seems like someone else is passing judgment based on emotion. Imagine the dude that doesn't like the southerner running his team trying to make unbiased observations... Your hard "evidence" is hardly objective, highly flawed, and deeply skewed. Mighty presumptuous, too, I might add. Born in 2000, lol, where do you come up with this crap?
By the way, Connie Mack was the manager of the Athletics, not the Phillies. Are you really an A's fan? Good call... Oh, and while we're talking Mack, make sure you know, in all those years of managing, he also had the most losses in history; had a losing career record too ;)
What in the world does Robin Roberts have to do with this discussion? What does anything you offer have to do with the price of eggs in China?

Scott Graham said...


You said "Philadelphia baseball". So, technically Robbie bonfire is correct.

Manuel wasn't trotting Schmidt and Carlton out there, just chase Utley, Ryan Howard, pat Burrell, Jayson Werth, jimmy rollins, shane victorino, cole Hamels, cliff lee, Roy halladay, brad lidge, Ryan madson, and papelbon.

How can Charlie Manuel be credited with citizens bank park, brad lidge having a "perfect season"?

Anonymous said...

Throw a point to Robbie Bonfire! Hey, on a blog about the Phillies' manager "Anonymous" forgot the word "Phillies" when typing about Philadelphia, and big brother jumped ALL over it! Ugh...

In the eyes of fans it's always obvious; the team does well, the players played well; the team fails, the manager sucks!

Now, you're obviously drinking the same Kool-Aid, so I'll make this easy. Mentioning Schmidt and Carlton sends waves throughout the baseball world! Outside of Halladay (he's a MAN), every other name you've listed will merely be footnotes in baseball history to every fan outside of Philthadelphia in the years to come. A couple examples:

-Chase Utley: What could've been, right? He had an excellent run to finish the 2000's. Second base hasn't had many stars for the past decade (position changes add to that phenomenon) Do five great seasons make you a HOF'er? For the rest of us, he'll be in conversations with Jeff Kent for this era, but that's about it.

-Jimmy Rollins: Solid Phillies contributor - several gold gloves and two back-to-back great seasons that for a moment separated him from the pack. Never hit .300, in fact 30 points below that for his career. Outside Philly, a really good baseball player; good D, good on the base paths, flashes of power, plays every day. When it counted most - average player in the playoffs (minus the Brewers '08and Cardinals '11 series'). Career WAR well below the hall. Won't sniff Cooperstown. Oh, and while he has superior power, he's no Larry Bowa.

Pat Burrell, seriously?! LOL
You mentioned PAT BURRELL!!! the same sentence as Michael Jack Schmidt?! Definitely the logic of a HOMER!!!

Jayson Werth, Brad Lidge, Ryan Madson, Jonathan Papelbon...meh, not worth the effort of typing.

Robby Bonfire said...

Whatever you say, Mr. "Bugs" Baer. Can you just go back to your mesmerizing charts, now? lol

Robby Bonfire said...

Phillies, Sat. night June 29th.

Out-hit Dodgers 11-6. Out-homer Dodgers 2-1. Lose to Dodgers, 4-3.

This team finds ways to lose even when they win the statistics battle.

Robby Bonfire said...

Oh joy, a 38-year old with 2 hits in 38 AB's, already run out of Cleveland and Pittsburgh this year, gets a roster spot on the Phillies.

Is Amaro going friggin' NUTS?

Robby Bonfire said...

I bet you the Yankees will dump their highly capable and competent manager before the Phillies do - because the Phillies NEVER respond when anyone on or off the field demonstrates extremely embarrassing, long-term indications of being over-matched and under-qualified for the position.

When the Phillies forestalled Chase Utley's career to coddle that stumblebum David Bell for another two years, that was all anyone needed to know about his stick in the mud organization which lacks the guts to write off a bad contract and get on with the task of improving the team.

You just wait, Manuel, when he finally goes, will be lionized as "The greatest manager in Philadelphia history." That is like Willie Sutton being lionized as "The greatest banker of all time."

Does this team need a front office and locker room spring cleaning, or what?

Anonymous said...

I would start with a tactical nuke in the Bonfire neighborhood ;)

Panther Bonfire said...

Love GUTLESS people who hide behind "Anonymous" tags. Renders their opinion about as valid as a smelly protestor outside the White House gates.

Anonymous said...

And I'm sure anyone can look in the Philly phonebook to find "Panther Bonfire" to secure your true identity. I think you'll also find that listing a screen name doesn't make much difference in the validity of an opinion.

Panther Bonfire said...

Robert Bonter, Port Leyden, NY, formerly Ardmore, PA and Lower Merion HS. - OK?

I don't need or necessarily want to know who you are.

I go by "Robby," but having a bit of fun with Panther because my boy "Panther" is my beautiful, charcoal gray cat.

Robby Bonfire said...

Getting rid of Bynum is a great step forward, even at zero compensation for "losing him." Cannot understand why the Lakers are off the hook for peddling the 756ers damaged goods, except in David Stern's little fantasy world, big market teams shaft the rest of the teams all the time, both via on-court outcome officiating manipulations, and this off-court Bynum travesty. May we just have Iguo, Vucevik, and Harkless back, now? Have a nice retirement Mr. Commissioner, trust me, your influence-peddling legacy will remain intact.

Robby "Panther" Bonfire said...

With the departure of Bynum, the score is now five down and seven to go on my personal "vaporization wish list."

Gone are Andy Reid, Doug Collins, Tony DiLeo, John Tortorella, and now Bynum.

Still around to plague my life are: RAJ; The Human Mule - who is on life-extension pills so he can screw up the Phillies until he turns 250 years old (14 years from now); Bud Selig, who thinks having 10 playoff teams (and cheapening the meaning of "world championship) makes MLB a more attractive sport than having the four playoff teams we had when he took the job; also David Stern, one of the most corrupt professional conspirators, manipulators, and commissioners the sports world has ever seen.

Plus two NHL clowns, Glen Sather (the Charlie Manuel of hockey - he won't die nor retire, either); and Gary Bettman, who, of course, was mentored by one David Stern. Enough said, I assume. (Too bad Bettman's "Shootout" debacle is not his being used as target practice at the O.K. Corral.)

Finally, Michael Vick who can't tell a greased pig from a pigskin, and cannot hold on to either one. What was it, 28 turnovers last year (?) and he gets invited back for an encore! Not the most auspicious beginning for the Chip Kelly era. A few more decisions like the Vick-retention decision and Kelly makes the above list.

Robby Bonfire said...

I see Joe Blanton is now 2-12 with the Angels. You just know that RAJ and Charlie are sick over the fact that they didn't keep him around as starting rotation "depth" and as an esteemed "clubhouse mentor."

Robby Bonfire said...

Just goes to show you NOBODY outlasts Charlie Manuel. Not even the studs running this site. We have to admit, Manuel just wears people down by never going away.

Give him credit for that, he would have been the last man off the Titanic who lived. His crass incompetence doesn't bother him a bit, he just wants the job, and the money and the perks that come with it. If his own bosses in Philly are too stupid to move him out, preferring to deify him, instead, that's their problem, not his.

As I said before, this Phillies team could lose 20 games in a row and still Manuel, a contemporary "GOD" if ever society had one, would not be fired. Never seen such a privileged (sub)human being in my life, no wonder he has that "Screw you if you don't like it" attitude.

Welcome to the 21 Century, the time in world history of ZERO accountability, starting with the Philadelphia Phillies complete detachment from their own autism.

Robby Bonfire said...

Hey, come on, it's only 9-0 Detroit at the end of five, headed for seven losses in a row. Come on, what is seven losses in a row between friends?

So what, the team quit on this guy, years ago? Hey, we're the Phillies and we're making M-O-N-E-Y, and you know results don't count in sports and politics, it's just having the job that counts.

Screw results, and screw the stupid fans for all the money and emotion they spend supporting this team. John McGraw, Leo, Billy Martin, hey, they're all gone - these are the laid-back years where "trying" is the name of the game. (Shhh, ok, so we're not even trying anymore - just don't tell anybody.)

Robby Bonfire said...

This is where this vile man's disgusting selfishness comes into play and is, finally, exposed for all to see. Any man with pride, a sense of decency, and a genuine caring for the best interests of his organization, would step aside for the good of the team, all the while thanking his owners for being so fair, so kind, so patient and so generous with him.

But with this superficial, narcissistic clown, there is not a chance that he feels inwardly, nor can express outwardly, any appreciation for the responsibility, the support, and the compensation he has been stealing from so many trusting people for far too many years.

Now we see where this man's phony "loyalty" to his players was, all the time. It was just posturing as a way of disguising his own crass selfish agenda of milking the owners, the players, his lackeys in the media, and the fans for all he could get out of all of us, for all these years.

This man belongs in politics, where he could just rake in the back room bribes from the influence-peddling, pot-bellied defense contractors and send young people off to die in trumped-up wars, while smoking cigars and visiting his money in the Cayman's, 10 times a year.

Nevertheless, his lifetime baseball hustle has been a close second to the real public trash he could have been.

In the old days he would have been the most dishonest Mississippi riverboat gambler of all time, capable of slitting throats over a dispute over any-sized pot. Yes, he was bound to be a shady success at any undertaking. Real shame that those who own and run the Philadelphia Phillies are the most blind and moronic and gullible gang ever to blight Philadelphia professional sports.

And when this bloodsucker is finally gone from the scene we will have to hear, for years, what a "great" job he did and what a "popular" man he was with his players and the fans. Sort of like those saturation-campaign Geico commercials that NEVER go away, that you have to suffer five-10 time per day, every day of your life, wherever you access the media, just for being alive.

There has to be something better than an addictive fascination with the failings of the spiritually-hollow social lepers among us.

Anonymous said...

So, hey. What'd you think of ol' "Cholly" today?

Robby Bonfire said...

Hi, friend -

Maybe we are on the same page, for once. Been listening to Philly sports talk radio, the last couple days and ZERO suggestion by the Talking Heads and their callers as regards anyone wanting a managerial change.

What the hell did they put into the water in Philly, since I last lived there, that people are so dense? All they want to talk about is moving Young, or moving Lee, or the Eagles training camp, not ONE person in Philadelphia thinks there is a problem with the direction and with the leadership of this ballclub.

I am truly incredulous over this, but what can one do when literally millions see the situation another way? The Phillies win - Charlie did it. The Phillies lose - Rollins or somebody screwed up. I have never seen a human being lead such a charmed, and enjoy such a well-paid life style as this imposter. Maybe the rest of us should buy the "secret formula" from him, because I want a bottle of that Snake Oil he is on, too.

Scott Graham said...

I hope this isn't the end of Charlie's Manuel, but have been pretty busy recently.

Just wanted to comment how ridiculous I found it when Charlie decided to argue that call in the 9th last night on the foul ball that hit the dirt before Ruiz caught it.

For years, we've been begging him to yell from the dugout/confront umpires on questionable calls. Instead, he waits until the team is essentially dead, and argues a call in a game they're >97% to win.


Robby Bonfire and his handome cat, "Panther." said...

Losers of nine out of 10 now, yet today the Philly sports radio lackeys on both stations just want to talk about how "The Phillies stood pat at the trading deadline;" when they could get beyond their gratuitous sermonette as regards Riley Cooper's verbal indiscretion.

Nothing ever about injecting some life and a breath of fresh air into this moribund franchise by making a rather subtle and long overdue change in the dugout.

Sports talk radio is a real bore, just droning on about nothing, all day.

Robby Bonfire said...

Reckless on the bases with TWO runners thrown out at home plate; feeble at the plate at crunch time with the bases loaded and none out. One run scored all night, knocked in by the starting pitcher.

Hey, they have a tournament coming up in Williamsport later this month, but I doubt this Phillies team could get out of the regionals. Plus, the short fences in Williamsport probably over-match most of the hitters on this team.

Not kidding, this team has disintegrated to the point where it is fast becoming the laughingstock worst organization in baseball.

And who is the third base coach/clown, or are undisciplined runners running through stop signs at third base?

These guys are making Custer and his boys at Little Big Horn look like aces.

Rupert Campfire said...

I hope it's not the end! I long for the better days...

"Charlie Manuel out-managed Ned Yost in the most critical regular-season series: a four-game sweep over Milwaukee in September, thrusting the Phillies into the heart of a pennant race. Charlie Manuel out-managed Dale Sveum in the NLDS. Charlie Manuel out-managed Joe Torre and his spacious schnozz in the NLCS. And, most importantly, Charlie Manuel out-managed the wine-collecting, horn-rimmed glasses wearing, quasi-intellectual shell of a manager that the Tampa Bay Rays trotted out there. I'll tell you what: Manuel may not be the most articulate guy in the world, but he managed this team way better than Maddon managed the Rays. I'd rather have a decent manager who is entirely honest and genuine in his press conferences, which Manuel undoubtedly is, instead of a choke-job manager who intentionally plays up his vocabulary and psychology in his press conferences.

Charlie, thank you for proving this is a baseball team, not a debate team."
--Guess Who?

Robby Bonfire said...

Charlie Manuel, consistently defying the percentages in baseball by not even knowing what those percentages are, has been bailed out countless times over the years by talented, productive ballplayers and pitchers rising to the occasion.

Ah, but see, now that the talent-base has eroded to where this team regularly fields a AAA batting order, save a couple exceptions, Manuel is no longer living the charmed life of a push-button dugout "genius.

This dose of reality has to be painful for Phillies fans who have defended this moron, all these years. Get back with me with a rejoinder when he has learned his left from his right, and when he no longer burns out players and pitchers, like they are robots and machines, ok?

And tell me how this clown out-managed Joe Girardi by starting Joe Blanton over Cliff Lee in game four of the 2009 World Series, because, as Manuel stated "We don't know how Lee can do pitching on three days rest."

Apparently, knowing how (poorly) Joe Blanton would do in that situation was no deterrent to Manuel's killing any chance the Phillies had of repeating as WS champions. Why does a ballclub bring in a Cliff Lee star-performer if it is just going to hand the ball to a journeyman klutz at WS crunch time? Why bother?

And don't tell me Manuel "out-managed" Joe Madden in 2008. Not with all the help the Phillies got from the umpires re the strike zone and the atrocious calls against TB on the bases. Even Tim McCarver alluded to the strike zone squeeze the home plate umpire was putting on Steve Kazmir, in the deciding game.

The truth should never hurt, it is really beautiful compared with the popular myths and lies people buy into. But keep on kidding yourself if you can't take the heat and the light of truth. You are not alone.

Robby Bonfire said...

One more point re the Blanton getting the nod over Lee for that WS start. Yankee Stadium was the most strikingly left-handed biased ballpark in America, "Death Valley" to right-handed power hitters, and pop-fly cozy for left-handed batters. The warped dimensions of this ballpark, it has been estimated, cost Joe DiMaggio over a hundred home runs in his career he would have belted playing his home games in any other park.

The Yankees success over the years strongly correlates with their stocking their team with lefty hitters and pitchers in this heavily lefty-biased ballpark. This is the primary reason the Brooklyn Dodgers did so poorly vs. the Yankees over the years in the WS. All those righty hitters falling flat in Yankee Stadium, with only Duke Snider batting from the left side. Righty slugger Gil Hodges, in fact, in the seven-game 1952 WS got zero hits in Yankee Stadium, in that Fall Classic.

So for Manuel to opt for a mediocre right-handed pitcher over an ace left-handed pitcher in the most crucial game of the 2009 season, in Yankee Stadium - well, that is indefensible, except so many seem to miss it. It is sad this man can get away with the most crass incompetence, to say the least, ever witnessed by baseball pundits and historians.

The people in Philadelphia with blinders on would do well to wake up to the fact that they have been conned, all these years. But when a glaring World Series dose of reality example, such as the above, won't shake them out of their lethargy, I have to admit the cause is hopeless.

Robby Bonfire said...

Let's look at the Yankees wealth of lefty talent over the years - starting with Ruth and Gehrig, extended to Lefty Gomez, Whitey Ford, Mantle, Maris and Berra, and Mr. October, too. They all benefitted greatly from Yankee Stadiums "friendly and warped" confines.

Maris, in particular, was an ordinary ballplayer in Cleveland and Kansas City, before he came to New York and demonstrated that he had the perfect compact swing for that 296 foot "distant" right field wall.

So what does Charlie Manuel do? Learning NOTHING from history he starts a crap right-hander, tailor-made as dog meat for the Yankees lineup in that park, over a shut-down ace lefty! And STILL he is pucking things up in Philadelphia, where the players (gasp!) quit on him years ago. But it's ok "because he is well-liked" in this P.C. society we live in where we are afraid to call inferior production on the carpet.

bill said...

Game 4 of the '09 Series was in Philadelphia.

Robby Bonfire said...

Thanks for the correction and that certifiably deflates the "Yankee Stadium venue" portion of my rant.

I still maintain that you go with your best in a spot like that. Still don't understand what the Phillies and Manuel's long-term fascination with Blanton was, as they even sent Kyle Lohse packing, one year, to keep Blanton on the roster.

Never seen, before Manuel, a manager with such a pronounced tendency to go with, and stay with "cold hand" pitchers and players. In fact the term "cold hand" really has no precedent. "Hot hand" is the term and the strategy which, until Manuel, always applied. If you are not doing a good job, Manuel just keeps going back to you, out of some misplaced "loyalty," emotion, or for whatever reason.

2009 was the year he kept going back to Lidge with his 7-run era for the season. And we know Rollins with his often-times sub-.300 OBP kept getting the leadoff batter call from Manuel, for years.

Enough pain, wish the Phillies, losers of 10 of 11 now, could just move on from this bionic, robotic man.

Thanks again for straightening me out.


Robby Bonfire said...

Yet ANOTHER loss, on Saturday, which I admit is "back-fitting" to some extent. So I will just share the observation that Manuel is an Ed Wade hire, and a blight on RAJ's GM tenure in that RAJ refuses to fire him.

That's TWO GM's going through life with blinders on. Just think, until the club fires this man, the worst (and last) vestige of the Ed Wade era is still with us. Not especially comforting is it?

Ed Wade, of course, moved on to even greater glory than he attained in Philadelphia, by infusing the Houston franchise with his special brand of energy and vision for a team's long-term success blueprint.

So the bottom line premise here is that the worst GM in Phillies history hired the worst manager in MLB history, who, for some unfathomable reason cannot be fired by the second-worst GM in Phillies history. But look out, Ed Wade, because this RAJ guy wants your "crown," it seems. After all, it's possible even Ed Wade would have made the mandated managerial change, years ago.

Robby Bonfire said...

So Charlie gave Darren Daulton a big hug! Well, hell that should be good for another five years at the helm. You see, Ole Charlie really cares about his boys, past and present - oh wait, Daulton was not one of his boys, Manuel just relates to everyone in his little stratosphere so supportively and lovingly and with such caring and tenderness, well, how could this franchise, loser of 12 of the last 13 games and in complete disintegration, ever move on from such human syrupy emotion as that?

After all, this is 2013, standards are different now. Let's see, the capitalist world devolved from an emphasis upon being productive and being judged on results - to "trying" being the sole criterion for success - to where we are now - not even having to try, if we just posture "caring" enough, and show up for work on time.

"As The World Turns," Philadelphia-style. Isn't it wonderful? No accountability, no brains, no embarrassingly successful results, any more.

WORST ORGANIZATION IN PROFESSIONAL SPORTS IN AMERICA - that's us - YOUR Philadelphia Phillies, where crass incompetence, confusion, lethargy, and "delicate emotion" rein supreme!

Robby Bonfire said...

s/b "reign," above.

This organization is disgraceful.

Finally, this a.m. Cataldo, I think it was, (if he's still around, I don't dial into WIP much, any more), had the guts to take the Phillies to task for being more concerned with Manuel's "legacy" than with doing the right thing for the ball club and moving on from the pain everyone is experiencing, related to current struggles and embarrassments. Good for him, or whomever it was, for being forthright, rather than lackey, "P.R." fawning, as Charlie's bootlickers in Philly media are, almost all the time.

Two serious questions for today: 1. What does Mr. Amaro think he does for a living? And,2. What, exactly, does he think his job is?
This unfocused dreamer would have been selling snow cones on the Titanic all the way to the bottom of the sea.

He did nothing to upgrade prospects for the future at the trade deadline, understanding that not much was being offered in return for available veterans. He can be given credit for this in that the fleecing taken from the Yankees in the Bobby Abreu fiasco by Pat Gillick - receiving a barge loaded with rusty nails in return for a highly serviceable, marketable, productive veteran - well, no activity this time around is better than that.

But still, the Yankees, in their present-time desperation, looking right now like they are going to miss the playoffs, were ripe for some long-term plucking in exchange for some short-term patching, one would assume. So that at the trade deadline we have buyers, sellers, and fence-sitters like the Phillies front office.

Nice to see the Phillies drew just 34,000+ fans to the ballpark for Sunday nights game. The fans need to stay away in droves to get this thick-headed organization to deal with the reality that the honeymoon with the ballpark, and the honeymoon with everyone who dons a Phillies uniform is over, and that results are what matter and do correlate, directly, with the bottom line.

I say there is an excellent chance that this manager will be extended, not "retired" nor fired, for a couple more years. Even Casey Stengel, one of the ranking, all-time genius managers, was fired for losing a World Series. It seems anybody can be fired EXCEPT this dolt in Philadelphia.

I truly believe Manuel has some private (and damaging) leverage on the people who employ him. No one else on the planet I have ever heard of can live such a charmed life completely detached from (horrific) results in a big-business competitive arena. This is baseball's version of "The Firm," where your demise means that powerful interests are taken down with you, so they don't take you down, much as they would like to. Bad theatre this is.

Robby Bonfire said...

Amazing choker loss for the Yankees, one you might see once in a decade. Twice they had the White Sox down to their final out with no one on base. In the 9th the White Sox got to Rivera to tie the game. In the 12th, same deal, two out, none on and BANG, three straight hits to win it. Yankees and Phillies are the biggest MLB under-achievers for this season.

Phillies lose two of three at home to the Cubs, and lucky they didn't get swept in the three games. All it does is get worse and worse and worse, by the week. But no matter, we're having fun, making money, and everybody from Atlantic City to Paoli just loves us, right guys?

Robby Bonfire said...

A couple weeks ago I said that this team could lose 20-straight games and The Human Mule, a.k.a. "Mr. Selfish," would not be fired. So that losing 17 of 20 is really "over-achieving," and something to be proud of.

As Vince Lombardi once said: "Winning is over-rated, salvaging your legacy is all that matters, it really doesn't matter how much you drag the team down.

This zombie CANNOT be bought out?

Anonymous said...

Robby Bonfire, you're 100% right. Since you've been gone, unfortunately not just the fanbase but the media has been taken over by bandwagon fans and other casual fans, mostly from the suburbs. Not just sports media either. It is very rare to see a legitimate Philly type of person in any kind of media these days. Real fans who actually watched this team before they started winning know exactly what the deal is. I was amazed when they extended him the first time. I said the same thing about Andy Reid and got backlash until people finally saw it (or at least some did). I said the same thing about Doug Collins, and about Lou Williams who apparently you're not allowed to call out. I've said the same thing about Manuel ever since he started. I could tell from that first year how awful he was, and he's never gotten any better. He only won in 2008 because his bench coaches were former managers and kept him in check. What did he do the next offseason? Got rid of them. He got rid of Davey Lopes because Davey Lopes wasn't some yes-man.

This type of coach has been typical in all of our sports. Nobody except real fans cares about doing things the right way or fixing mistakes, instead only caring about "being competitive", and they severely overrate this team and everything they do. It started with Pedro Feliz. The people on DNL actually had the nerve to ask whether the Phillies getting him or the Mets getting Johan was the bigger pickup. I mean really, Feliz was an amazing defensive player but come on now. Then it was about how we needed to get Halladay at all costs, which I got flack for disagreeing with. Then of course it was Lou Williams and then back to the Phillies with Papelbon, Mike Adams, Michael Young (I mean really, have these people actually seen him play?), Bryzgalov, Doug Collins. You name it.

The Phillies are the new Eagles, though give the Phillies credit in that they're solid as an organization when it comes to the minors and to prospects. It's the MLB level that they suck at.

Anonymous said...

Oh and let's not forget about that "Dream Team" crap. None of those players were even in their prime except for DRC, and many of them were clearly overrated.

Robby Bonfire said...

Thanks for your extended analysis, we may be a minority of three or four in the entire world, here at this blog.

I will always wonder if Manuel really wanted this team to win, so exaggerated was his misuse/abuse of players and pitchers. Who, in baseball history, has been worse when it comes to handling a team and deploying strategies and tactics consistent with the fundamentals of the game. I have never others managers, save possibly Dusty Baker and Billy Martin, Mayo Smith, and Eddie Sawyer (the last two as regards killing Robin Roberts' career, prematurely) as horrendous when it comes to over-working pitchers.

Look for this amoeba to get extended, any day now "as a vote of confidence." UGH!

Robby Bonfire said...

The generally unasked question throughout this chaotic chapter in Phillies history is: Where the hell is the ownership of this team, while all this sputtering, clueless, stumbling and fumbling goofiness is going on?

It is interesting to note how George Steinbrenner was the ultimate "hands on" owner, intensely involved with the daily affairs of his team, on and off the field. Whereas the Phillies - well I hear the name Dave Montgomery once in a blue moon, whoever the hell he is, and whatever the hell he does apart from baseball that keeps him diverted, elsewhere. It is incomprehensible that an owner could be so detached from his own collapsing, burning house, so to speak. It is appalling that nothing, apparently, galvanizes him into demonstrating leadership qualities by taking action and addressing festering, cancerous problems, starting with the players obvious disdain, disrespect, and contempt for this robotic, semi-comatose manager.

And this default, incredibly lazy, GM, given his relative youth, is going to be here for 25 years, so our joy at seeing Manuel finally go will have to be tempered with that knowledge. If they cannot fire Manuel, how can they possibly fire a minority-race G.M? This team might as well be a front for the Sierra Club, or something, so misplaced are its priorities.

Robby Bonfire said...

OK, I checked out David Montgomery. Well, it seems that when he hired RAJ as GM over a much more solid, experienced and accomplished GM candidate, he was hiring a fellow Penn Charter alumnus!

How wonderful, screw results, let's just back-scratch those whom we can fraternalize with.

No wonder the Philadelphia Phillies fortunes are sinking so rapidly, with "business last" thinking like this. Mr. Montgomery needs to get his priorities straight, business is business, not some clubby "Old Boys Network."

And the manager, who should be fired, was, instead, "honored" in the clubhouse for his 1,000 managerial career win - whoop-de-doo. Interesting to note that the picture taken on the occasion included just ONE player, Carlos Ruiz, no other players were gathered around the manager to fete him. A picture is worth a thousand words. This manager lost this team years ago.

Losing games by the bushel, but keeping old friends hanging around is the name of the game in Philadelphia, right Mr. Montgomery? And I see Mr. Montgomery got his first job with the Phillies out of Germantown Academy, where he was doing some sports coaching. Who the hell graduates from Penn Charter and then affiliates with Germantown Academy or any other Inter-Academic League school? I attended Episcopal Academy for four years, prior to attending Lower Merion, and I can tell you I would never affiliate myself with any other Inter-Academic League school, starting with much despised (and snobbish) Haverford School, which was just five minutes walk up Lancaster Avenue from my home in Ardmore, in those days.

So Montgomery is loyal to a fellow Penn Charter man, but then pulls paychecks from Germantown Academy? Stranger than fiction contorted thinking, that is.

Robby Bonfire said...

Fraternize looks better than "fraternalize." In every way. lol.

Anonymous said...

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey.... GOODBYE!

Farewell to the most overrated, incompetent, selfish, just awful manager in the Phillies history. He should've been fired years ago.

The sad thing is people will make him out to be not just a great manager but the best in the team's history! That is just insulting and pathetic.

Robby Bonfire said...

OMG, I swear I have been looking, daily, during the baseball season, for this finality to come to pass, since 2005. Eight years of torment that drove me back to being an A's fan, where I will stay, but now I can actually root for the Phillies to win every game they play, rather than tank so that the manager will be fired.

This is just sports, but sports fandom can truly become painful and induce remorse and frustration, when involvement becomes emotional, to this extent.

What a ~belated~ happy day in my life!

Anonymous said...

co-signed. That's something only real fans will ever understand.

Don't look at any publication or website having anything to do with sports though. God, these people are so unbelievably delusional.

This is so typical of the Entitlement Generation that started with the middle of the Boomer generation. Are people not capable of having perspective anymore?

Robby Bonfire said...

Even after he, in effect, flushed this team down the toilet, he made it clear that he thought he was entitled to yet another contract extension. Talk about delusional, this man is comatose, and arrogant, to the tenth power. Somehow Philadelphia will survive his departure.