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Monday, June 24, 2013

Game 71: Papelbon blows save, Phillies win anyway (34-41)

John Lannan pitched decently in his return from the DL, and the Phillies showed minor patience in working three walks off of formerly unhittable, Dan Haren.  Ryan Howard had a home run.  He was also run into an out by Ryne Sandberg on a two-run hit by Delmon Young.  I certainly hope Sandberg is a better manager than he is a third base coach.

The Phillies bullpen tried their best to lose this game for the team as Mike Adams allowed 1 run in the 8th inning to reduce the lead to 4-3.  Papelbon came on in the bottom of the 9th and allowed a game tying home run with two outs to Chad Tracy.  Dom Brown managed to save the Phillies in the bottom of the 9th after Revere and Rollins singled with a walk off single.

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