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Friday, June 21, 2013

Game 68: Big comeback lifts Phils over Rockies (33-35)

The Phillies turned a 7-2 deficit into an 8-7 win on the road against Colorado, thanks to 2-run triples by Freddy Galvis, each of which were followed by Galvis scoring himself. A truly incredible comeback, and it actually came along with Manuel not screwing up -- he managed the bullpen pretty well.


Anonymous said...

Charlie does it again, no steals when speed is on, no hit and run, delmon could not catch a cold out there, why in the hell is revere not leading off? No freakin heart on this team.

Robby Bonfire said...

The germaine question re Revere is: "What the hell is he doing in the major leagues?" Ah, yes, two stalwart off-season acquisitions, Revere and John Lannan, who couldn't get his ERA under 5 in Washington, and certainly not here.

By the way, since Worley tanked in Minny, some may think the Revere trade is a wash. And while that, so far, is true, my theory is that the Sub-Human Mule running the Phillies show on the field, is literally a destroyer of pitching arms, Worley just being the latest example.

Now the Twins know what other organizations by the dozen know - you do NOT acquire Phillies pitchers because they are all on the downside from too much stressful overwork. Never in my life have I seen a pitcher more physically wrecked than what Maneul did to Brad Lidge. But that did not deter Manuel from continuing to use Lidge in game situations when he couldn't even mop up, anymore. Oh God, just get this season over with and sign the Mule up for three more years, ok RAJ?