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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Game 56: Mike Estabrook kills Phillies 9th inning rally (26-30)

The only thing in need of discussing in Saturday afternoon's game is the bottom of the 9th inning.

Freddy Galvis led off with a home run which pulled the Phillies to within 1 run.  Jimmy Rollins was used to pinch hit, and after his single, Kyle Kendrick was used as a pinch runner.  This was as a result of Manuel using Michael Martinez in the previous inning to pinch run for Ryan Howard, and then "needing" to insert John Mayberry to play first base while Michael Martinez manned RF.

Ben Revere sacrificed Kendrick to second with Cesar Hernandez and Dom Brown due up.  Kendrick was then "picked off of second".  Mike Estabrook called Kendrick out immediately after Segura "placed the tag" on Kendrick.  Segura had to dive for the ball, and it fell out of his glove.  He picked it up with his bare hand and rolled over to show it to Estabrook... while it was still in his bare hand.  If the umpire had waited to see the ball, he could have potentially pieced together that the ball had fallen out of his glove and made the correct call.  It's not fair to assume that everything else in the inning would go according to plan, but if it had, the Phillies could have tied up the game on Cesar Hernandez's double.

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