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Friday, May 31, 2013

Game 53: Dom Brown homers twice, Phillies win again? (26-27)

Kyle Kendrick pitched well through 6 innings on Wednesday night.  Charlie Manuel opted to lift Kendrick from the game for Antonio Bastardo to pitch to the bottom of the Red Sox lineup.  Bastardo doesn't really show a platoon split in his career, so I guess it's okay that he left him in to face the pinch hitter Gomes (who has much better numbers against LHP than RHP in his career) with Ellsbury on deck.  I just hate the idea of having "roles" for pitchers like the "7th inning guy" or "set up man".  Regardless of whether or not it was the right move to let Bastardo pitch, I feel like he would have been used in that situation.

... Adams pitched the 8th inning, and just like the previous night, Dom Brown homered in the Phillies final at-bat to give the Phils and Papelbon a 2-run lead going into the Red Sox half of the 9th inning.  In the 9th inning, the Red Sox came close to tying the game.  With two outs, Tacoby Bellsbury (sorry, FJM) hit a looping fly ball to left field.  Based off the trajectory, I naturally assumed it would be the final out when Dom Brown easily glided under the ball and caught it.  However, when the camera shot to Left Field, Dom Brown was literally running all-out from what seemed like the warning track.  He had to dive for the ball (probably should have still caught it), but missed the ball.  No harm no foul besides the one run that scored on the play.

Everyone knows that the Phillies outfielders aren't that great.  I think it's inexcusable that the coaching staff: A) doesn't position the players, or B) doesn't know where to position the players.  There are very few things that make me angrier (I feel like I say this a lot...) than players positioned in an extreme position.  Examples of this are when third basemen are positioned on top of the foul line or within a step or two of the line, or when outfielders are positioned extremely deep to prevent doubles ("don't hit it over my head defense", "no doubles defense", "don't let them hit it over my head defense".. wait, didn't Wheels say that one already?).  It is extremely inefficient to position players such that they can easily field foul balls (3B example) or have time to climb the fence and go grab a beer at Harry the K's before the ball has a chance to land (LF).  Hopefully I'll remember to mention this again about Friday's game because Delmon Young's positioning in the 3rd inning was absurd.

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