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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Game 51: Phillies get embarassed in Boston (24-27)

It's hard to expect much from the Phillies when Tyler Cloyd takes the mound against the Boston Red Sox.  That being said, taking a look at the Phillies lineup, it's hard to ever expect much from a lineup with 3 starters (only two regular starters) with OBP > 0.300.  It's embarassing really.  I remember when I used to look at box scores and scoff at teams that had the make up that the current Phillies roster has.  

Now, on to the Manual criticism.  It's much easier to criticize him with the game fresh in my mind than when I'm trying to recall games from weeks past.  (As I type this, Ben Revere just has way too much trouble tracking down that fly ball in center field).  So.  It's hard to not use a lot of bullpen arms when the starter lasts fewer than 3 innings.  However, I'm not quite sure why Mike Adams (if not Antonio Bastardo as well) had to be used.  The game was way out of reach.  He just came off the Disabled List, and Manuel left him out there for 30 pitches!  I'm not sure I ever agree with anything Howard Eskin says, but his logic paralleled things I usually think.  You know Cliff Lee is scheduled to pitch the next night, so it's undoubtedly going to be a closer game than 8-1, so why use Adams and let him throw so many pitches?  It's insane.

For those of you that torture yourselves by listening WIP, you may have heard Eskin reference me (Scott G) today.  I felt the need to tweet at him "I'm surprised Jonesy hasn't popped you yet" due to his usual condescending nature.  He was putting Keith Jones down in a non-"friendly joking" type of way, while Keith was co-hosting with him.  Well, Eskin read the tweet and mentioned it on the air, and everyone had a good laugh about it.  I wasn't trying to be funny, so I'm not sure why he laughed.  I don't think his comments were part of his shtick.  What's his deal?

Phillies are currently outhitting the Sox.  Let's see how they ruin this one.  

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Robby Bonfire said...

Relax, Scott. The real Howard Eskin died years ago. This is some impersonator on Clairol.