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Monday, May 27, 2013

Game 39 - Game 50: Phillies still below .500 (24-26)

Game 39: Let's put Ben Revere back in the lead-off spot (18-21)

In the bottom of the 9th inning, Charlie Manuel used Antonio Bastardo to pitch until Paul Goldschmidt was used as a PH for Eric Hinske.  It was a tie game with one man on, and Manuel used Justin DeFratus.  Surely I'd rather have Papelbon pitching.  But, given the fact that DeFratus pitched to one of the NL's best hitters in a tie game in the bottom of the 9th inning with a runner on, I'm sure he could be used in a save situation in a later game.

Game 40: Papelbon pitches again with 4 run lead (19-21)

Almost no complaints for Manuel for this game.  In the 8th inning he used Bastardo, then utilized matchups with DeFratus and Horst to get the final two outs of the inning.  See, it's not that hard to understand.  He then used Papelbon to pitch the 9th after the Phillies extended a 2-run lead to 4.

Game 41: Hamels gets hit hard (19-22)

Game 42: Phillies take first from Reds (20-22)

Game 43: Arroyo shuts out Phillies (20-23)

Game 44: Phils do unthinkable - take Chapman deep twice to win in 9th (21-23)

Cliff Lee was used as a pinch runner in the bottom of the 9th inning, and was promptly picked off.  Pretty inexplicable.  Erik Kratz and Freddy Galvis then hit back-to-back homers to end the game.  For a team that can't hit lefties, and Freddy Galvis being a pretty lackluster hitter, it's pretty impressive that Kratz and Galvis were able to take one of the hardest throwing LHP in MLB yard.

Game 45: Cole Hamels strikes out 10 in 6 IP receives no help per usual (21-24)

Oh no, he didn't speak to some of the most annoying people on earth after the Phillies offense hung him out to dry again.  Are you surprised?

Game 46: Jose Fernandez handles Phillies, but is removed in 5th.  Phils win (22-24)

Jose Fernandez had only allowed 1 run through 5 innings against the Phillies offense.  He was lifted in the 5th inning for a PH with a runner on third base and only one out.  As a result, the Phillies managed to eke out three consecutive infield singles in the 7th inning that ultimately led to a 4-run inning.  Manuel used B.J. Rosenberg to pitch the 9th with a 5 run lead that the Marlins cut to 4.

Game 47: Cliff Lee shuts out Marlins (23-24)

Not exactly sure why Cliff Lee needed to throw 115 pitches to secure the Phillies win, but Charlie loves to do whatever his players want.

Game 48: Ben Revere bats second, Phillies lose (23-25)

A five run Nationals fifth inning basically sealed the Phils fate in Friday night's game.  Kyle Kendrick didn't look like the same Kendrick that has been phenomenal for the Phillies for most of this season.

Game 49: Mini-Mart proves to have a role, Phillies win (24-25)

Michael Martinez was used as a pinch runner for Delmon Young in the 8th inning, and scored from first on a double by Domonic Brown.  Martinez stinks, but at least he's fast.  Michael Young scored from first on Delmon Young's single in the previous at bat.  It was pretty surprising to see. Excellent base running by M. Young.

Game 50: Hamels vs. Strasburg, Phillies offense loses (24-26)

Hamels and Strasburg were both very good through the first 6 innings yesterday.  The Nationals' half of the 7th inning started off with an infield single by Ryan Zimmerman.  It all went downhill from there.  The Nats ended up with the bases loaded and 1 out when Solano hit a dribbler up the third baseline.  Michael Young had to charge the ball and make a quick throw home.  It was a close play regardless, but Young's throw was in the dirt, and Quintero had a difficult time catching/blocking it.  A ball that was hit a total of maybe 30 feet scored two runs.  Delmon Young then misjudged a ball that bounced off the fence in shallow right that allowed the fourth run to score (the third would have scored anyway).

The Phillies only run came off a Strasburg balk.  Hamels should be extremely frustrated with his teammates hitting.  He hasn't pitched with a lead since April 8th.  woof.

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Robby Bonfire said...

Always remember THe Puking Human Mule used up Lee for 120 pitches AFTER the Phillies clinched the N.L. home edge throughout the playoffs, what, two or three years ago.

This rates him at least a seven-year contract extension in 2013, because as we know, "Einstein's" like Manuel and the NY Rangers GM never puking die or retire - WE, their supplicants and idiot groupies are the ones who do that.

"Old Man River" was penned Neanderthal years ago, in their honor.

Charlie Manuel is like a punch-drunk fighter who cannot answer questions like "What is your name?," and "Where are you?," except in his case it doesn't matter because he has a contract, you know. And we always honor contracts in Philadelphia, even if the one with the contract suffered massive brain cell vaporazation, 10 years ago.