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Monday, April 29, 2013

Games 8 - 15: Manuel still doesn't get it (6-9)

We apologize for the severely delayed posting/updates.  This post will attempt to summarize the 19 games that we've failed to post.  I will be going through box scores to try and jog my memory.  If for some reason there's a specific game or event you have in mind and I miss it, feel free to bring it up for discussion in the comments.  If a game doesn't get mention, I've either missed an event or it's business as usual for Manuel.

Game 10: Foreshadowing (probably the 100th time we've commented on this though.  (5-5)

The Phillies struggled to score against the Marlins and Ricky Nolasco in the series opener.  With the game tied 1-1 in the bottom of the 9th inning, Charlie Manuel used Phillippe Aumont to pitch to the heart of the Marlins order (yes, it consists of Polanco, Ruggiano, and Dobbs, but still).  Papelbon was available.  Manuel saved his best reliever for an inning that potentially could have never happened.  It didn't come back to bite him on that night.

Game 11: Not the foreshadowing I was referring to, but it was a perfect set up! (5-6)

The very next night, the Phillies struggled to score against Jose Fernandez.  Cole Hamels was likewise able to stifle the Marlins by holding them to one run (on a hit by Jose Fernandez).  The game was tied 1-1 in the bottom of the 9th, and Manuel used... Phillippe Aumont again.  This time, the strategy backfired and the Phillies lost.  The Phillies did not play on April 11th, so Papelbon would have only had to pitch for his second consecutive night (exactly what Aumont was asked to do).  It wasn't a save situation, so Manuel didn't feel it was important enough to win the game.

Game 13: Horst > Papelbon, Bastardo, and Adams (6-7)

In a tie game, Manuel used Jeremy Horst to pitch to a PH followed by the top of the Reds lineup.  This all occurred in the bottom of the 8th inning with the heart of the Phillies lineup due up the next half inning (yes, it did include Galvis, but still).  Horst gave up runs, and the Phillies ended up losing.

Game 14 (Parts 1 and 2): Phillies lose because Manuel doesn't care (6-8)

This game was suspended going into the bottom of the 9th inning due to a brutal downpour.  Over the first 8 innings, the Phillies and Reds were scoreless with Kyle Kendrick and Antonio Bastardo posting all 0s.  Upon resumption of the game, Manuel decided to use... Phillippe Aumont(!) to pitch to the heart of the Reds lineup (Cozart, Votto, Phillips, and Bruce) no "but still"s here.  Aumont and the Phillies lost the game in 9 minutes.  Papelbon, Adams, and Bastardo all had off on Monday (Pap and Adams had off Tuesday as well), so there's no reason why Phillippe Aumont should have begun the 9th inning.  Aumont isn't as bad as some of the Phillies relievers in years past, so this isn't the most egregious error Manuel has ever made, but there is still no excuse.

There will be another post (or posts summing up the remainder of the missed games) coming shortly.  Again, sorry for the delay.


Allen Thornberg said...

A few other prime Charlie idiocies from the recent games are:

His insistence on playing Freddy Galvis (a no-bat, all-glove player who would be hard-pressed to qualify even as a starting shortstop on an MLB team) in left field, the position in which a good glove is most unimportant.

Batting Howard fourth against LHP.

Once again treating John Mayberry like an everyday starter and playing him regularly against RHP instead of Laynce Nix; hitting RHP is practically the only baseball skill Nix has--and he won't keep getting those pinch hits that Charlie is so in love with if he gets no playing time.

Pretty soon, we'll be able to add playing Delmon Young in RF to the list.

Scott Graham said...

I'd also like to know why Manuel split up Utley and Howard for 2 games recently, but stopped. I don't even count the first occurrence because he clearly doesn't get the logic. He did it against a LH starter. The whole point is that LH specialists tend to be more difficult for LHB to handle and it forces the opposing manager to make more moves. So, I almost want to consider it a negative when Manuel does it against a LH starter because he's pretending like he gets it, but he doesn't

Robby Bonfire said...

Thank you and nice to see you back here. You fill the gap I have felt since Bill J. stopped compiling the "Baseball Abstract."

Robby Bonfire said...

I used to think "The Human Mule" made all the wrong moves because he was on the Yankees "bag money" 0payroll. Maybe he once was but now he is down to exposing his own "incompetence" - to be gentle about it.