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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Game 3: Cliff Lee gets a W!! (1-2)

To be honest, I was paying more attention to the Flyers than the Phillies on Thursday night (as I will be for the remainder of the season when the two teams overlap), but there really isn't much to talk about anyone in terms of in-game moves from Manuel.

Cliff Lee had a really good game striking out 8 batters in 8 innings without allowing a walk.  The Phillies offense did just enough to win the game.  Ben Revere did his best in the 2nd inning to ground into a double play with the bases loaded, but he's really fast, and it looked like Uggla didn't have a clean transition at second base.

One thing I should say thus far is that I'm pretty happy with the order of Manuel's lineup.  I'm mostly talking about the first 6 batters.  There was a lot of discussion about who would bat lead off, Jimmy Rollins or Ben Revere.  Neither of the two are on-base machines, but Jimmy Rollins has considerably more power, which would be desirable from the 2-hole.  Additionally, Revere will likely attempt more steals than Rollins all things equal, and I'd rather have Revere trying to steal while Rollins is up than when Utley and Howard are up.  Revere is a lefty, and Rollins batting second breaks up the Phillies having 3 consecutive guaranteed lefties.  Utley and Howard still bat back-to-back, but is inevitably going to happen.  This is the only reason I like Michael Young batting ahead of Dom Brown, it breaks up 3 LHB in a row.

Andy and I have added a new member to the site, Gary Matthews (Senior, of course)!  He will be helping us post more regularly, and will be an addition by addition (not subtraction).  

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