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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Game 158: Halladay starts for some reason, wins anyway (79-79)

Although Roy Halladay had been underperforming recently, leading many to believe he is injured, he was still trotted out to the mound on Saturday to grind out a 90-pitch 3-walk, 5-inning effort that eventually led to a purely meaningless 9-5 victory for the Phillies. I understand Halladay wanted to pitch in this game, but it is a meaningless game and he is owed 20 million dollars next season, so it was probably better to just shut the guy down and protect the asset.

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Robby Bonfire said...

We do not shut our best people down and protect our assets in Philadelphia. We routinely expose them to burn-out and unnecessary physical risk with zero upside to be gained by getting a good outing from them.

Around here it's called "Minimal percentage baseball, the Charlie Manuel way."

Just figured out why Charlie Manuel has never read a Bill James work - he cannot read! I mean it, this man is truly a closet illiterate. He cannot even sign his name with an "X," it is so challenging. He has an estate proxy handle all his business and sign all his papers and documents for him.

On the positive side, he can hit the spitoon from 20 feet, against the wind, however, especially when there's a good Charlie Daniels song blasting on the radio.