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Friday, September 28, 2012

Game 155: Werth breaks the Phillies' backs (78-77)

I'm not going to talk about Charlie Manuel in regards to his decisions on Wednesday night against Washington, even though he continues to start Ryan Howard against LHPs with multiple, obvious, better options on the bench (he was 0 for 3 with 2 Ks). Kyle Kendrick only made it through 2 innings on the night while allowing 5 runs, and the bullpen did a great job up until the 9th inning, when the 5-4 deficit was extended, thanks to Jayson Werth, to a 8-4 burial.

Jayson Werth was in the on-deck circle in the 9th inning when a foul ball rolled his way. He looked into the stands behind the dugout, which were undoubtedly filled with drunken Phillies fans heckling Werth, so Werth, like anyone with a sense of humor, faked the throw into the stands. He then rolled the ball back into the dugout. Had Hunter Pence did the same thing to Astros fans while playing for the Phillies, he instantly would have become one of my favorite players. Instead, he just kept running out to right field, misplaying fly balls because his eyes are not parallel with his ears.

Once Werth rolled the ball into the dugout, the stadium erupted into boos. Fair enough, I suppose. But why was he being heckled in the first place? Werth probably contributed more to this team from 2007-2010 than Ryan Howard, and without him, they'd not only have zero World Series appearances, but likely zero playoff appearances as well. To take it a step further, had they signed Werth instead of Howard, they would still have Werth, Cosart, and Singleton; moreover, their huge 125-million-dollar contract would be paid to someone who can not only hit both LHPs and RHPs, but actually play defense and run the bases. Crazy, isn't it?

But let's keep booing Werth while we cheer everytime Manuel emerges from the dugout. Sickening.

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Robby Bonfire said...

Maybe Jason loved it here but wanted to get out of what must be an extremely demoralizing clubhouse situation?

I feel nothing but gratitude and appreciation for his time and his enormous, all-around contribution here,and would never boo a man who gave so much to the Philadelphia cause, and made such a positive differnce when we won it all.