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Friday, September 28, 2012

Game 154: Ruf starts, Ruf homers, Phils win (78-76)

Charlie Manuel realized that he was 5 games behind St. Louis with only 9 to play, figured he was out of contention, and then decided to give a start to the guy with 40 home runs this season. Even though Ty Wigginton was the left fielder for most of September when a lefty was on the mound, Manuel allowed Ruf to start in LF on Monday night against LHP Ross Detwiler, and he responded with a 2-for-3 night, including his first MLB home run.

It is insane that Manuel actively refused to use a potentially huge power threat down the stretch against lefties, especially considering how hideous Howard looks against lefties at this point in his career (Howard was 1 for 4 on the night).

I would say that Ruf should have started at first base to keep Howard on the bench against the lefty, but at this point in the season, it probably doesn't even matter.

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Robby Bonfire said...

Ruf of course is yet ANOTHER older rookie for the Phillies. Most Phillies rookies seem to be mid-20's, or like those two fine over-30 cathers they have promoted - a decade too late - in recent years.

Awful, just awful organizational philosophy, stemming from, we understand, the six major league seasons and out free agency lunacy, although it is not so much FA lunacy as much as the fact that it applies to kids as well as older rookies.

Idiot baseball doesn't even know it has a problem in this regard, and that it is easily fixable - you kick free agency in for a player in the year he turns 30 - that way you can promote the Mike Trout's of the world when they are 19, without worrying about losing them when they are 25.

Anyone sorry Mike Trout was not a Phillie who made it to the Majors in 2018 - because that is what this Phillies organization, and many others, are doing? It is puking nuts. Robin Yount came up in 1973 at age 18, and as a sensational, immediate-impact regular SS. Should we be sorry he got to the majors before 1980?

The smart organizations get away from carrying geriatric, DH-types, forever, and go with the hotshot kids today, not 5-7 years from today, but far be it for the Phillies to have any vision or insight in this vital regard.

We are going to be sitting on that 2008 ultimate success for a lot longer than it has taken the Eagles to win a Super Bowl, mark my words, it is ~over~ for clueless Philadelphia baseball for the rest of this century.