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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Game 151: Phils again within 3 of St. Louis (77-74)

Normally we would criticize Charlie Manuel's using Jonathan Papelbon last night in a 4-run lead at home, but he had not pitched the previous day, and the team has an off-day on Monday. As a result, last night's usage will not render him unavailable for any future games. Moreover, last night was an absolute must-win game, so with no room for error, we will not blame the manager.

The rest of the game was pretty mundane from a managerial standpoint, with Kyle Kendrick throwing yet another gem. No complaints for Manuel last night. Today is another must-win game when Roy Halladay faces LHP Mike Minor.


Robby Bonfire said...

Can the Phillies rescind the trade of the majors' first 20-game winner, this year, Gio Gonzalez? Of course, to be objective, three other organizations treated Gonzalez like chopped liver.

It's hard to fathom, he was a young prospect with an upside and no one wanted him for long. Or, they were all willing to deal the Gonzalez of "Tomorrow," for the expedience of acquiring someone established, "Today." Seems to me the Phillies threw an upside young second baseman into a deal, one time, but I can't, for the life of me, recall the specific details. lol.

Also, I am just ~thrilled~ for Kevin McClatchy, now that the albatross is off his back, and he is getting the kind of "heroic" publicity that will make the Ellen DeGenerate crowd so proud of him.

Problem is - and he doesn't live that far from Jerry Sandusky Country - in his neck of the woods, when you are a male who "comes out," some may actually think that you would not pass up "opportunity" with young men a year or two under the legal age limit. And then you get into the broader question as to whether these "out of the closet" confessors would pass up a tryst opportunity with a young man, say five or 10 years under the legal limit? Jerry had a conflict there, and caved to his bestial instincts. Why should we believe this man and others who are fascinated by their own sex are any different? I think Mr. McClatchy has unwittingly set himself up for some extremely unflattering speculation, if not outright investigation.

And who needs this societal fall-out on the sports pages? - having to suffer it on the front pages and in the gossip columns is adequate torment. I am revulsively ashamed of ESPN Sports online, for disseminating this garbage, as though as this juncture in world affairs we have nothing better to think about - unless the subliminal message here is that the rest of us are supposed to admire the besotted life-style Kevin McClatchy's of the world for their "candor" and their prostituting themselves for a day's worth of cheap publicity. God, it must be hell when you are no longer in the spotlight.

Robby Bonfire said...

With St. Louis winning on Monday night, the Phillies now have a computerized one chance in 500 of making post-season play. Frankly, I think they will make it.

Robby Bonfire said...

No need to be so somber and quiet, around here - the WORST thing that could have happened would have been the Phillies making the playoffs, getting bounced in round one, and Charlie the Pinstripes underground Emissary to Philadelphia retained, for what, three more years?

That would have been a positive finish to this debacle/joke of a baseball season? Two things Philadelphia needs is for Manuel to be "Retired," as he will never quit, and he will never be fired, and he will outlive us all. And either Reid puts Foles in at QB, or he and Vick can ride off into the sunset, right now, with this Eagles season on the trash heap.

I am guessing the silence here stems from the fact that we all know there is an excellent chance there will be no shake-up as regards the Phillies, this off-season, as astounding as that seems.

Only in Philadelphia, my friends, only in Philadelphia, can we witness all this tragic comedy and come back begging for more of the same. After all, everyone knows that if Ryan Howard could have gotten 100 more AB's vs. LHP, this season, the Phillies would have won another world championship "for Charlie."

OYVEH! But thanks to you who run this site, and for your suffering to the end with such a high standard of excellence in electronic journalism. Much obliged!

Robby Bonfire said...

"Indians fire manager Manny Acta with six games remaining."

Phillies ...... oh, forget it.

Scott Graham said...

I think the team's "resurgence" at the end of the season will sadly have the same effect for Manuel.

"He didn't have his full compliment of players until the 2nd half, and then look what they did!!".

It's terrible.

I also don't think the Vick bashing is fair. Andy Reid does not cater to Vick's strengths. he doesn't put the team in the best situation to win. I guarantee that if Foles was brought in, they would run the ball and throw short passes. Reid did it with Garcia when McNabb got injured, but he won't do it with the Vicks and McNabbs. It's just not a fair thing to say Vick is at fault. Sure, he's not playing well, but Reid is right when he says "I need to do a better job of putting my players in a position to succeed"... except he never does it. USE SHADY!

Robby Bonfire said...

Vick has SIX interceptions, plus all the fumbles, one other QB has five INT's, no other NFL QB has more than three, so far. This is critically important because years ago I did a regression study and found that the (negative) value of an interception is 5 1/2 points - almost two field goals and 79% of the value of a seven-point TD. It is insane to continue on a road of self-destruction with a man who really could make a contribution as a running back, I believe, but who cannot get out of his own way when he is at the controls. I fear this is more of the "David Bell Syndrome" of if the team is paying him big bucks, it HAS to play him, at enormous cost to the entire franchise beyond the individual contract cost.

Anyway, I am throwing out NFL stats for the first three games, and giving Vick and the others a chance to start over, now that the ridiculous "exhibition" season, is over. It feels good, too, let's see how Vick and the others do in a reasonably fair environment.