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Friday, September 21, 2012

Game 150: Phils demolish Mets to complete sweep (76-74)

The Phillies scored 8 runs in the first inning last night, which effectively ended the game before the Mets even got an opportunity to bat. This was perfect timing, because the Phils' starting pitcher was Tyler Cloyd. He ended up pitching well, allowing only one run, but there is no way to know how he would have pitched if the Phillies had only scored once in the first inning. As a result, Manuel had no tough decisions last night.

I wrote earlier this week that the Phillies should have used their rain-out to skip Cloyd's spot in the rotation, which would give Cliff Lee an additional start before the end of the season and Cloyd one fewer start. However, since they have an off-day on Monday, they will have another chance to juggle their rotation so that this is a possibility. If they fail to sweep the Braves, however, this will likely be a non-issue by Tuesday.


hk said...

1. Good point about the extra off day. If Charlie uses it to push back Cloyd so that Cloyd only pitches once more, I will rescind my criticism and give Charlie (or Dubee) credit for maximizing the rotation.

2. Why the heck did Jimmy Rollins, Juan Pierre, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard play the entire game last night? I get that the team was off on Tuesday and will be off again on Monday, but why not (a) give your older veterans every day off that they can get and (b) give your younger players and bench guys some extra AB's?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the point raised about keeping the starters in the game well beyond the point necessary. Bottom of the 9th, 16-1 lead, WHY is Ryan still needed to play 1st? When, if ever, will it be OK to put Ruf in to play the field?

Robby Bonfire said...

This is called, in Manuel's own words one year ago - "Getting the team ~ready~ for the playoffs." As though burning out your regulars over 162 games puts you in sharp mental and physical condition for post-season competition.

Meanwhile, the GM just sits back and shrugs at all this. What a son of a bitch traitor he turned out to be, too. Really tired of this team's three-ring circus of clowns running the show.

If I were the Commissioner, I would be on the phone ordering Philadelphia ownership to put some competent, capable people in charge of the day-to-day running of the ball club, effective this coming off-season season. Either that or sell team team - current ownership would be given a choice.

Robby Bonfire said...

Joe Blanton in L.A. = 1-4, 6.07 ERA, and yet he is getting a crucial start, tonight! What is it with teams just loving this dirt bag? Too bad there are at least six MLB teams too many, so we can't just deep-six so many of these AAA imposters.

Just great the Phillies found a truckload of work for this plug for five years. It came down to Lohse or Blanton, you will recall, so of course Lohse got the heave-ho to St. Louis. Blanton of course, was sacrificed to the Yankees with his game 4, 2009 WS start, with Lee available. Who needs to successfully defend a World Championship, anyway? That wouldn't be fair, that would be ~greedy~.

Guess the Dodgers are the new front office donkeys, out west. They are in a pile of trouble making a playoff spot they looked to have wrapped up at mid-season. Going with Blanton, tonight, makes them look like they are more serious about playing golf than baseball in October. The Phillies are not the only brain-dead organization around.