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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Game 145: Every game goes Phils' way, now 3 back (73-72)

The Phils demolished Houston last night by a score of 12-6, so Charlie Manuel had a well-deserved easy night after the previous night's fiasco. Instead, I'll leave you with an idea that will never be implemented: against LHPs, start Frandsen at third base and play him the whole game. Against RHPs, start Ruiz at third base and Kratz at catcher. Sub in Frandsen for defensive purposes late in the game (you can choose to sub for either Ruiz or Kratz, depending on who is having the better offensive game). This will maximize your offensive production from third base, and it completely eliminates Michael Martinez from any discussion not about pinch-running. At least they have a high margin for error in the standings, though.

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Robby Bonfire said...

Even "missing" Michael "Olive" Martini from the starting lineup, Saturday night, the Phillies started FIVE players with the following OBA's.... .309 (Rollins); .310 (Howard); .317 (Mayberry RFD); .310 (Uncle Wiggly); and .302 (Kratz Mayonnaise).

Actually Kratz is an offensive asset in that his power more than offsets his impoverished strike zone discipline. Too bad he's almost 33, he can play.

But, anyway, this team really is built for "little ball," given that a short-sequence offensive attack is beyond its capability. You just want to take the bat out of the hands of over half the lineup. ("Charlie The Genius," here?) lol.