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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Game 142: Phils within 4 games of wild card (71-71)

The Phils defeated Miami last night by a score of 9-7, in a game filled with terrible defense, timely hitting, strange strike zones, and a huge effort from RHP Phillippe Aumont in the 8th inning. No complaints about Manuel for this game: he used four different pitchers to get through the 7th inning (in which Miami scored 4 runs to cut the Phils lead from 8-3 to 8-7), and then he went to Aumont and Papelbon to shut down the final two innings. The lineup was fine, as well.

I cannot wait until the Phillies miss the playoffs by a game or two, and then everyone will compliment the manager on how the team never gave up, obviously ignoring the scores of mistakes he made this season which originally caused the huge deficit. Remember when Jim Thome faced Jeremy Affeldt in extra innings in San Francisco with the winning run on third base? That was awesome.

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