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Friday, September 7, 2012

Game 138: Manuel micromanages, Phils pull out comeback win (67-71)

The Phillies pulled within 4 games of .500 tonight after they completed a comeback win.  Charlie Manuel utilized matchups where applicable, and managed a pretty decent game until the bottom of the 9th inning.

Cliff Lee got no run support again tonight, and pitched pretty well after getting out of the first inning.  The Phillies could not muster any offense against Jeff Francis the owner of a 5+ ERA and a 1.47 WHIP.

Lee allowed two runners to reach base in the top of the 7th while only recording one out.  With a RHB due up, Manuel went to Josh Lindblom to get the out.  He utilized a R/R matchup.  Lindblom succeeded, and LH slugger Carlos Gonzalez was due up.  Manuel used Jake Diekman to come in and face Cargo.  Diekman a LHP, succeeded in getting Gonzalez to ground out to second.

In the bottom of the 7th, the Phils manage to load the bases with 2 outs.  Wigginton, tonight's cleanup hitter, was due up, and Jim Tracy went to the bullpen (for the 1000th time tonight) to utilize a R/R matchup against Wigginton.  At that point, Manuel made a smart decision to use Laynce Nix to PH for Wigginton.  Nix hit a ball harder than I've probably ever seen before.  His double only plated two, most likely because of how hard he hit it, but, nonetheless, the Phillies tied the game up because Manuel was proactive.

Aumont pitched the 8th, and looked really solid.  Papelbon pitched the 9th (Kratz gunned down a PR trying to steal second.  Kratz has a cannon).

In the bottom of the 9th, Rollins led off with a walk.  You know what comes next. Manuel had Juan Pierre sacrifice the runner to 2nd.  Mr. Musser has covered why this is a terrible decision more times than I can even recall.  The Phillies had 3 outs to get Rollins from 1st to home.  If the sacrifice is successful, the Phillies have 2 outs to get the runner home.  This removes the possibility of a sacrifice fly unless the runner successfully steals 3rd base.  Also, if the sacrifice is "successful", Utley is guaranteed to be walked.  Pierre got Rollins to second, Utley was walked.  It's possible that the only reason the Phillies won in the bottom of the 9th was because of the wild pitch that allowed Rollins and Utley to advance prior to Schierholtz singled Rollins home.


Robby Bonfire said...

I see that yet, again, Michael Martinez of the .134 -.184 - .207 offensive line, is the "He's my third base guy" for the day. I know its the first game of a day-night double-header, but there must be 20 grandmothers in the stands who can put up better numbers. I would be storming the GM's office with an ultimatum to get rid of this Single A joker 3B, or go go over his head to the "owners" to plead my case.

Remarkable, never seen such blatant and transparent sabotage and subversion in sports or politics, in my life. Alger Hiss was an amateur radical college kid, next to this master of deceit and dishonesty. Absolutely incredible that this man is not chased out of Philadelphia all the way to the Yukon Territory.

Most vile, disgusting, dishonest-looking excuse for a human being, I have ever seen. This man is putrid, beyond words. A human cess pool, and I am damn tired of him.

It would shock me if he knows anything being chewing tobacco, country music, and shooting rabbits.

hk said...

Don't worry Robbie, Mikey Mart is starting game 2, too. It seems as though he's become the every day 3B. As much as I cannot stand Ty Wigginton, I would much rather see him man 3B than Martinez.

Robby Bonfire said...

Incredible, MM makes Steve Jeltz look like Babe Ruth. Manuel just keeps it up with his ZERO standards of performance requirement. This MM is a Single-A ballplayer whom the Commissioner should rule off the parent club roster, same as the Stewards rule off non-competitive horses from the race track.

If Manuel were a stock he would be de-listed.

If he were a race horse he would be dog food by tomorrow night.

If he were a politician, he would be imprisoned for scandal, in the best James Traficante tradition.

If he were a woman he would be a Lennox Avenue hooker.

If he were an illegal alien he would be a drug cartel Lord, dishing out hit contracts just for drill.

What this man is, is a Martian, who is slowly taking over our planet, by rendering it effete and completely ineffectual. This man with the cancerous spirit could have starred in "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers."

A reincarnated Neanderthal Man would seem like Bill Gates in the company of this putz, who is absolutely the stupidist-looking and most physically clumsy imbecile I have ever suffered. It is as though he went through the opposite of Marine Corps boot camp, to being the dullest mentally, and the most ungraceful physically human being on the planet. And I haven't even gotten to his boorish personality, yet.

Imagine being a ballplayer who has to put up with this barnyard fowl every day from March through early October? My sincerest condolences to the Phillies players for their eternal first-hand suffering of this

hk said...

The sad part is that this late season run will do more to ensure that Charlie gets another year rather than accentuate the number of games his poor decision making has cost the team in this year, the first since 2006 in which the team could not afford to blow games due to mismanagement.

Robby Bonfire said...

The jerk/senile-manager will be 69 in January. What the puck is this club waiting for - his breaking Connie Mack's longevity record?

By the way, the "late season run" has vaulted the team all the way to a 1 1/2 per cent chance of making the playoffs. The same playoffs which you now can get into just for being slightly better than mediocre. It's not like making the playoffs is akin to winning anything, which at one time was mandatory to see the light of day of October baseball.

So what is this, rewarding a man who piloted the prohibitive league favorite to a .500 record? Not exactly a New York Yankee standard of performance excellence. If Chico brings back Charlie, Chico should be deported.

hk said...


Since you have asked the question many times, I thought you might want to read (and certainly not enjoy) Jon Heyman's article (see link below):