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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Game 129: Manuel blows another game (61-68)

The Phillies were leading the Mets tonight by a score of 5-4 with two outs and the tying run on first base in the top of the 8th inning. Antonio Bastardo was on the mound, and the batter was RHB Kelly Shoppach, who owns a career .889 OPS vs. lefties but only a .658 number against RHPs. Had Manuel removed Bastardo for a right-handed pitcher, the Mets would have pinch-hit Josh Thole or simply let Shoppach face a righty. Since there were two outs already and since Jonathan Papelbon had the previous two days off, he is the obvious choice to face Shoppach/Thole (and then remain in the game for the four-out save).

If using Papelbon for more than one inning was absolutely out of the question, then either Phillippe Aumont or BJ Rosenberg could have been used to face Shoppach. Even if Shoppach were removed and LHB Josh Thole got to face a right-handed pitcher, you'd still be replacing Shoppach's .889 OPS-vs.-lefties with Thole's .708 OPS-vs-righties.

In other words, the only unacceptable option available to Manuel was allowing Bastardo to face the lefty masher, Shoppach. Guess what happened? Manuel left Bastardo in the game for Shoppach, Shoppach tied the game with an RBI double, and the Phillies never scored another run.

Well done, Manuel. Now continue to hide behind Ryan Howard's achilles as the reason your team is as awful as your management.


Robby Bonfire said...

Worst manager in the history of Major League Baseball. But of course his job is secure if he wants to come back. Damn, watching this team is torment.

Anonymous said...

I started following baseball when I was 9 years old, today I am 70. I know the game and I know that Charley Manuel is the worst manager I have ever seen. He is simply stupid. He leaves in Bastardo to pitch to Shoppach and the Mets score to tie the game at 5. Dominick Brown ran to the ball about as fast as my grandmother and she is 110. Brown isn't major league material. Manuel has personalized cost the Phills at least 20 games this year. If you add 20 wins and subtract 20 losses the Phills would actually be right in the hunt for another pennant. I am sick of stupid charley and wish someone in management would wake up and fire the bum. He is in a class by himself. A hillbilly from WV.

Robby Bonfire said...

I just figured it out - it would be "Politically Incorrect," and just not "fair" to fire this retarded cue ball manager. Same as it was "Politically Correct" to bypass Mike for Rueben, even though Mike was far more qualified for the GM position. If Mike were hispanic, and Rueben were somehow white-anglo, then Mike gets the job.

The Phillies are sinking like the Titanic trying to stay on the good side of Barbara Boxer's world. Of course staying competitive in business goes by the boards when you hire for demagraphics, rather than for demonstrated ability, but what the hell, you "feel good" about the fact that you "care" at the end of the day.

Robby Bonfire said...

Demographics, of course, is the correct spelling. I am too conscious of "demagoguery" at this stage of the election campaign. Why can't dictionaries spell these words consistently? lol

Scott Graham said...

Why would it be politically incorrect to fire Manuel?

Robby Bonfire said...

Because he is RETARDED, Scott, except I/we are not supposed to use the word RETARDED, we are supposed to use the expression, "mentally challenged," and we are supposed to hire them over capable people and NEVER fire them for gross incompetence. Look what Washington has done with a solid GM - Manager team! Just wonderful for baseball and for that franchise.

Whatever you call it, this man is getting a free ride YEARS beyond
what would be his "usefullness," except he never brought anything positive to the table, just negatives like burning out pitchers and regular players, and over-using the unproductive wash-outs from the David Bell's to the Mesa's, to the Cormier's, to Lidge in 2009, to Terry Adams of the 14-run era through 16 appearances in 2005, I believe it was, to Raul Ibanez in August of 2009 when he was hurting and plated just 4 RBI's that entire month, but was given just ONE DAY OFF that month, and he was 37 years old at the time.

This Ibanez mis-handling is really instructional, here you are in August, the hottest month of the year, and you hammer your 37-year old LF who is hurting! And I haven't even gotten to the Papelbon megabucks contract/mishandling disaster.

They are bringing this cretin back, Scott? I haven't heard anything, but over there at WIP when they take the Phillies players and team to task they NEVER even slap the wrist of this curmudgeon manager. I don't know Scott, except this is OLD and tiresome for eight damn years of hell for Phillies fans, now.

Where is ownership -on their yachts, somewhere, with no ship to shore capability?

Robby Bonfire said...

Yet another dreadfully egregious example of this man's possible duplicity is his starting "Journeyman Joe" Blanton over Cliff Lee in game four of the 2009 WS, "Because Lee has never pitched on three days rest," as he whined when asked about it.

Well, it's not like Lee had started on three days rest 10 times and been battered eight times. What if, given the opportunity to do so, he had been up to the task? That would have tied that Series at two games apiece and you go from there with a 50-50 shot at winning it all, instead of falling to the brink of disaster in the Series, down two games to one. Do the Yankees hold out their best pitcher with the season on the line, to pamper and coddle him? I don't buy that "never pitched on three days rest" line from Manuel, the pieces just don't fit. He was in the Yankees camp, on that one. Only question is how much Steinbrenner bag money it took to buy him off?

Disgusting, that's what this man is. Benedict Arnold was an American patriot, by comparison.

Robby Bonfire said...

Down three games to one, it should read, above.