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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Game 121: Phils demolish Milwaukee to earn split (56-65)

The Phils salvaged their weekend series in Milwaukee on Sunday behind 8 scoreless innings from Kyle Kendrick. They also scored 8 runs. Only one complaint for Manuel in this game: why is Kevin Frandsen batting second, while Domonic Brown is batting sixth? It makes no sense for a competitive advantage, and it makes no sense for Frandsen to get the opportunity to see more major-league pitching than Brown.


Francisco said...

Question, if Brown had hit 2nd, that would mean lining up 3 lefties, is the trade off worth it? I'm going with yes because most of the at bats should be against the RHP starter, also Brown is supposed to mature into an everyday player, that means at least showing competent hitting against LHP.

How has Utley fared? Career wise he seems to have even splits but I think this season he's fairing poorly against LHP.

hk said...


Utley sat out Sunday's game and Mayberry batted 3rd.

Robby Bonfire said...

What is up with Dom Brown's virtually invisible "slugging percentage." Your little sister can bash a baseball for distance at least as well.

Did they "ruin" him in the minors into becoming a contact hitter, the next "Richie Ashburn" or something?

Francisco said...

Ah true, I confused box scores. That will show me to open several at the same time when looking at a series.