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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Game 117: Roy Halladay forgets count, so fans berate Rollins's hustle (54-63)

Jimmy Rollins has played in all but 3 games this season. Those 3 games came when he took 3 days off for paternity leave. In other words, the 33-year-old shortstop who just signed a 3-year, 33 million dollar contract has played every single game when he comes to the ballpark. Since the all-star break, he has started 29 of 31 games. In the other two games, he still appeared for offensive defensive purposes. It is understandable, though: the Phillies are in a tight race for the division, and they need every single run they can get.

Wait, what's that? Oh, right, the Phillies are 88 games behind the Washington Nationals, yet Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins are still playing every single day. Nice job, Charlie.

Jimmy Rollins grounded out in yesterday's game, and he didn't run full speed on the way to first base. The horror! I don't know how he can look his daughter in the eye every night. He deserves all the criticism from the fans and the media that he's been getting.

On the other hand, Roy Halladay thought the count was 2-2 to Carlos Lee in the 4th inning when he threw a pitch out of the strike zone. Lee took the pitch, but it was actually ball four. Two runs scored in the inning, including Lee's leadoff walk.

To recap: 1) not running out a groundball when you are owed 22 million dollars over 2 years and you have zero chance to make the playoffs = INCONCEIVABLE; 2) forgetting the count and walking the leadoff batter because of it = totally acceptable.

The fact that Manuel held a 1-on-1 meeting with Rollins to discuss hustle is despicable. There are about 10 billion issues with this team right now, and Rollins's hustle is somewhere between "the indent on the top of Charlie Manuel's hat as it sits atop his head" and "Brian Schneider's resemblance to Dave Coulier" on the list of importance.


Scott Graham said...

He hasn't ran out sure outs all season? What's the big deal now? The guy has had nagging leg injuries over the last few seasons, so who cares if he's not hustling all the time?

Robby Bonfire said...

The first thing I would do, if I were an MLB, or a pee wee league manager, is FORBID my catcher from running down the line to "back up" infielder throws to first base. Catchers have enough of a workload, they don't need to run a dozen useless sprints, on top of their real job. So a throw gets away, once in a blue moon. I want my catchers(s)on more than fumes, come September.

Who came up with this nut cake idea, a century ago? And why does every knee-jerk manager in baseball history copy this stupidity?

Rollins is telling the Head Bozo he wants and needs a day off, once in a fortnight. Of course Bozo-Man doesn't get it, like he never gets anything less obvious than his foot-long nose in the mirror. This man is not a human being, this man is a poorly constructed software program.