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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Game 115: Hamels throws 113 pitches, Phils win (53-62)

The Phillies continue to overwork their only asset going forward, sending Cole Hamels to the mound for 113 pitches last night in a 4-0 victory. For his last 6 starts, Hamels has thrown pitch counts of 111, 128, 109, 101, 111, and 113 last night. Don't the Phillies owe this guy half of their franchise over the next 6 years? Is the benefit of "stretching one's arm out" (theoretically preparing him for a potentially grueling 2013 if playoff-starts are included) greater than the potential devastation of a significant arm injury to a pitcher owed 144 million dollars? The Phillies should be treating Hamels with caution after signing him to a huge extension; instead, they're treating him more harshly than before he was set to return in 2013. The only difference, though, is that now, the Phillies have virtually no chance at a playoff spot.


hk said...

In addition to overworking the pitchers, have you noticed that Utley has started every game since July 16? What happened to 2 games on, 1 game off, to keep Chase rested and (hopefully) keep his knee as healthy as possible for next year, when the games mean something again?

Robby Bonfire said...

The idiot Candy Canes GM and "ownership" are looking at the cost of firing the manager and paying him off, and, incredibly, letting that take precedence over protecting the primary on-field catalyst to their on-field future, assuming they even have one, which right now is a "stretch."

I was thinking that yet another reason to spitoon this bozo manager right now is to bring in not just an interim, but a long-term replacement in the dugout, to give the players (all 10 who will be here next year) a chance to adjust to him and learn his methods. To delay doing that until spring training is to render the first half of next season strictly a time of adjustment to the new man, with predictable shakey results.

The Red Sox never did get comfortable with Bobby V., partly because of their unfamiliarity with him. Can Philadelphia spend a few bucks and do better than that by not waiting until the last minute to make the change? (Of course not, this is not your prototype "pro-active" professional baseball organization. This is "Bowling For Dollars" in a slightly larger setting.)

hk said...

Are they trying to make a late run into playoff contention or are they playing for next year? If the former, why was BJ Rosenberg in there in a one-run game in the bottom of the 8th? Get to the 9th down one and you have a good chance to score off Heath Bell. If the latter, see my comment above about the fact that Utley has started every game over the past month.

Robby Bonfire said...

This bastard mgr. burned out the key elements on this team, pitchers and regulars, until age and chronic infirmity caught up with them. It bears repeating, this complete jack-ass plays every game like it's the seventh game of the WS.

A bigger jack-ass member of the human race would be extremely hard to locate.