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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Game 113: Lee left in too long, Phils lose (51-62)

The Phils lost the middle game of their series against St. Louis Saturday night by a score of 4-1. The lineup was correctly loaded with lefthanded hitters against RHP Jake Westbrook, so Charlie Manuel's only mistake tonight was the handling of starting pitcher Cliff Lee.

Lee had thrown 99 pitches after completing 7 innings, which is plenty of work (if anything, it's too much) for a pitcher who you owe 75 million dollars over the next three seasons. However, Manuel is clearly in a "win-at-all-costs" approach to save his job, and he forced Lee out their for a potential eighth inning of work. This is confusing from a baseball standpoint as well, since 4 RHBs were due up to start the inning. Lee retired zero of the 3 batters he faced, and it was up to righty BJ Rosenberg to clean up the mess. A 3-1 deficit turned into a 4-1 hole, and the Phils went down quietly to end the evening.

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