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Monday, August 6, 2012

Game 107: Phils shutout D'Backs (48-59)

Charlie didn't really make any in game mistakes during Saturday night's contest.  However, he did put Kevin Frandsen, the owner of a career 0.283 wOBA, in the 2-hole.  Granted, there aren't a lot of options at this point in the season, but he must understand that John Mayberry is better than Frandsen, and he's possibly giving him fewer PAs against the LH starter/any pitcher in this game.  At least Mayberry can give you some pop against LHPs.

Kirk Gibson made a mistake in the 7th inning, but luckily it didn't hurt his club.  With a man on first, and Halladay's spot coming up, Manuel used Ty Wigginton to PH against LH starter, Joe Saunders.  Wigginton singled, and Gibson THEN removed Saunders from the game for a RH pitcher.  If you're going to yank Saunders after a single that doesn't score a run, why not reduce Wigginton's utility by bringing in a RHP?

Papelbon pitched in a 3-run save situation.  He did have two days off prior to Saturday's game, but he's now pitched 3 days in a row, and the Phillies begin a series against the Atlanta Braves tonight.  If they don't sweep this series, the Phillies should begin considering ways to ease Utley and Halladay through the rest of the season.

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Robby Bonfire said...

No sell-out, Monday night. It is GOOD that the high cost of gross incompetence comes to roost on this organization. What a free ride, economically, all the stumbling and bumbling has had, all these years.

Congratulations to the baseball fans of Philadelphia who are shifting into "Frontrunner" mode and out of "Homer Loyalty" mode.

It's way past time, but never too late to wake the the dead(heads) in control of this franchise.