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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Game 106: Terrible call ruins Phillies comeback (47-59)

The Phillies lost their opener with Arizona last night by a score of 4-2, thanks to an obviously blown call at home plate when the Phillies were just trailing by one. Manuel made no in-game mistakes last night, so this is basically all there is to discuss. He inexplicably used Mayberry in the 5-hole against a right-handed starter (Brown should be ahead of JMJ vs. RHPs), and he stacked his lineup with 3 consecutive lefties, but by this point, these are to be expected.

Just a few days removed from Allan Selig's insistence that replay doesn't need to be expanded, we are given the 10 billionth example of why replay needs to be expanded. The Phillies, who had been trailing 3-0, were about to tie the game at 3 when John Mayberry obviously slid under the tag at home plate. Umpire Jim Wolf blew the call, and the Phillies never got another real scoring chance.


Robby Bonfire said...

"Blown call" or an umpire with a bet on the outcome of the game? Stranger things have happened.

When the obvious, to 30,000+ people, way a call should go is highly suspicious for it's going the other way, how do we know it was merely a "Blown call?" We don't.

hk said...

You're right Robby, but I would still blame incompetence and bad positioning more than game fixing for this one. That being said, the way to eliminate wrong calls from impacting the outcome of games is to expand instant replay.

Scott Graham said...

I thought Jim Wolf was in good position.

hk said...

My initial thought was that he was blocked by the catcher. I'll see if I can find the replay and look again.

Andy Musser said...

I think he was in the "correct" position, but I think the correct position is dumb. I don't understand why the umpires stand back behind the catcher like that; it obstructs their view of the plate and also the tag.

It is the equivalent of the 3B umpire standing in the coach's box to make a call on a sliding triple.