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Friday, August 3, 2012

Game 105: Manuel starts Martinez over Schierholtz (47-58)

Charlie Manuel's illogical lineup strategy has been a constant all season, and last night was no exception. With LHP Ross Detwiler starting for Washington last night, Manuel chose an outfield of Brown-Martinez-Mayberry instead of one featuring Brown, Mayberry, and Schierholtz. Both Schierholtz and Mayberry are better defenders than Martinez, and both play centerfield.

Martinez has a career .515 OPS as a switch hitter! Get this: against lefties, his OPS is under .400; his numbers are so low in part to small sample size, but his minor league career OPS of .687 speaks for itself. This guy is by far the worst hitter on the team. Conversely, Schierholtz owns a career OPS of .716 against LHPs. Juan Pierre is another lefty with decent numbers against LHPs. Manuel is presumably managing to win these games, but to acquire a player like Schierholtz who wanted more playing time than in SF, and to sit him down against a LHP for an inferior batter and defender, it simply shows Manuel has no idea what he is doing.

You're selling off the whole team; might as well kill the manager while you're at it.


Robby Bonfire said...

Of course he knows what he is doing. Can't believe ~anyone~ would give his duplicity the benefit of the doubt by saying "He doesn't know what he is doing." That might have resonated in 2005, but too many volumes are on file, now, to dramatically demonstrate otherwise.

You have analysed his moves for the more than 1200 games he has managed the Phillies. To some that would be a sufficient sampling to draw hard-evidence conclusions that this man, at first thought to be merely a dolt, is a bunko con artist who has gotten more open and more arrogant over the years, such is the blindness of those around him to his ulterior-motive mis-handling of the Philadelphia Phillies

I consider this man's hiring as manager one of the two darkest hours in Phillies history. The other being the ruling of Albert "Happy" Chandler, the Commissioner of baseball in 1950, that Curt Simmons, who had been drafted to active duty by the National Guard in August, but was given leave to pitch in the World Series, was declared "ineligible to participate in the World Series," by that politician turned "baseball man," Mr. Chandler.

This ruling of course, knocked the Phillies right out of the box in that series, as Simmons, at 17-8, actually had a better W-L percentage than did Robin Roberts, who was worn to a frazzle by Eddie Sawyer, both relieving and starting, in Simmons' absence.

Somebody tell me the Yankees did not "buy" Chandler's ruling with a ton of Del Webb's and Dan Topping's bag money. And somebody tell me why the Phillies were so passive about it and did not pull out all the legal constraints to subvert that untenable ruling, and thereby get to enlist Simmons'services, in that series?

Ahh, corruption and back room deals - the world runs on bag money, bribes, payoffs, and kick backs. The Phillies should learn to play the game off the field, not just on the field. But then, they are not postive outcome fixated as are some other organizations they purport to "compete" with.

hk said...

I thought it was borderline insane to start Martinez over Pierre, but I didn't even think of Schierholz. You are so right, why wouldn't they (a) start the better player, (b) start the new guy to see what he can do against lefties and (c) start the new guy to show him that he has a chance to be an everyday player? By the way, that's a rhetorical question as I know the answer or I wouldn't visit this site daily.

hk said...

Further to the point of starting Martinez (over Nate, Juan or anyone else who is a better option), what's with pinch-hitting for Dom Brown in the top of the 9th? What is the point of the rest of this season, to win as many games as possible and claim some sort of moral victory or to determine which of the youngsters can be an integral part of next year's team? At 47-57, what was more important there, Howard or Brown facing the other team's closer on the road as the tying run?

It's funny, I actually thought I might enjoy the last 2 months of this season as I got to watch the young guys develop (or not), but I now think Charlie may frustrate me as much in meaningless games as he does in meaningful ones.

Unknown said...

If you don't have a proper right handed bat anymore, I'd put in Schierholz everyday to see if how he does against lefties, if we let him play through the rest of the season we should find out if he's platooner or a potential RF replacement.