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Friday, August 3, 2012

Game 104: Mayberry bats 5th vs. RHP, Phils still win

The Phillies won Wednesday night by a score of 3-2, winning the series against Washington thanks to 3 solo homers. Two were off the bat of shortstop James Roll, and the other was from Nate Schierholtz, someone who will provide more than half of Hunter Pence's value for less than a fifth of the cost. I honestly would have traded Pence for Schierholtz straight up, because Schierholtz is a better defender, competent with the bat, and will make about 3 million dollars next season. Pence is a better hitter, not competent with the glove, and will make about 15 million dollars next season. It also doesn't hurt that Schierholtz manages to resemble a Homo Sapien.

Manuel's lineup was terrible, naturally, but he didn't make any poor strategic decisions. He allowed Vance Worley to battle through seven innings with a 3-2 lead, and then he turned to three pitchers in the 8th inning, each getting one out. He correctly played the lefty/righty matchup-game, and it ended up in a victory. It is too bad that Manuel seems to be operating with a sense of urgency now, rather than back in April/May when he had Michael Schwimer and David Herndon regularly pitching in high-leverage spots.


Robby Bonfire said...

Definition: "Sense of Urgency" =

Parading the likes of Terry Adams (13+ era in 16 appearances in six weeks); Real Cormier(5.96 era in his career wash-out season); Jose Mesa (a 6+ era as a full season closer); Brad Lidge of the 7.11 ERA and NL-high 11 blown saves of 2009, as your "closer"; ad nauseam, throughout your entire "managerial career."

But then, "I thought he could get the hitter out," lets him off the hook, by Philadelphia baseball standards. Hey, maybe we can get his teacher's pet, David Bell back here as the next manager, given that Bell could not be a worse manager than he was a player. Think about it.

Francisco said...

OFF TOPIC: There was this old baseball movie called Comrades of Summer with Joe Montegna playing the part of a famous Player-Manager. The guy comes off as arrogant and because he's been in decline gets canned by his team. He ends up accepting a job to Russia to help train the national baseball team. It's fun to watch on a boring week night.

Robby Bonfire said...

The shame of Charlie Manuel is that he will be remembered as the manager of one world championship Phillies team, when any lesser dolt would have copped THREE world titles with this group.

Robby Bonfire said...

Joe Mantegna is a fine actor, yes. "House of Cards," I believe it is called, really brought out his personal charisma, which was critical to the film, given the "wet noodle" leading actress he had to suffer in that role.

hk said...

This season is becoming a sick joke. Just as soon as they take 2 games from the Nats, Ruben calls up Micheal Martinez and Charlie starts him in CF. Is it really beyond the media that covers this team to ask Charlie why he started Martinez considering that Juan Pierre's lifetime OBP vs. LHP's is .359 and that Martinez's is .175?