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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Game 96: Phillies avoid sweep by Giants (42-54)

The Phillies were able to avoid being swept by the Giants on Sunday afternoon.  Joe Blanton threw 8 innings of 3 run baseball as he struck out 6 and walked 1.  The two teams traded runs throughout the afternoon, and eventually made it to extras.

Manuel decided to use Bastardo in the top of the 9th inning.  This was fine as Bastardo is one of the Phillies best options, and Papelbon threw 36 pitches on Saturday.

I was even be okay with using Horst to start the 10th inning against the bottom of the Giants lineup given Papelbon's use on Saturday.  However, if he were to get into any serious trouble, Papelbon would need to be ready to come in. Yes, he threw 36 pitches on Saturday, but the last time he pitched was Wednesday of last week.  He should have been able to go on Sunday.

However, once Kyle Kendrick came in to pitch to Theriot, nothing good could be expected.  There was only a runner on first with two outs, and Ryan Theriot stinks, so this wasn't the problem.  The problem was that once Kendrick comes into the game in the form of a double switch, you know that if he's successful in getting Theriot out, he's staying in to pitch to Cabrera, Posey, and Sandoval in the next inning.  Cabrera and Sandoval are switch hitters meaning they'd be batting left-handed (not good for KK), and Posey is Posey.  Papelbon needs to pitch to these hitters in a tie game in extra innings.

Luckily, Kendrick was able to hang in there long enough to give the Phillies a chance to win, which they did.  It clearly must be the reason since no chance of a save existed at home in extra innings, but I hope a 36 pitch performance following 2 full days off isn't the reason Papelbon didn't pitch on Sunday.


hk said...

I heard the manager's show before LAST NIGHT'S game and Cholly said he was not sure if Papelbon was available. Two days off followed by one game of overuse followed by the need for two days off is very troubling.

Robby Bonfire said...

Re: "The Reason" for anything - Papelbon pitching or not pitching; any hitter batting where he doesn't belong in the lineup; moronic percentage "moves;" leaving spent pitchers in there "because I thought he could get out of the inning," ad infinitum.

It's all baloney, this is the one manager in all of professional baseball who has a license to just shoot from the hip, every time some strategy is dictated, in complete defiance and ignorance of the percentages, established ability levels, and workload norms, etc.

This man is a perfect fit for the Peter Sellers classic tongue in cheek film character "Chauncy Gardner" in the film, "Being There." People hang all over his every utterance like he is Churchill and Einstein, rolled into one. This Charlie Manuel masquerading as a major league manager joke is really an indictment of those around him, who apparently are oblivious to his imbecilic confusion, such is his simplicity.

"Being There," who would have dreamed it could ever happen in the real world? If you have never seen the film, take it in one day soon. You will be amazed by the "Chauncy Gardner" - Charlie Manuel similarities.