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Monday, July 16, 2012

Game 90: Manuel rests Howard vs. LHP, Phils win (39-51)

The Phils took two of three in Colorado this weekend in their quest to become relevant again. The rubber match was decided by 8 innings of one-run baseball from Cole Hamels; Manuel went to Antonio Bastardo for the 9th inning even though the Phils were "only" up four. Somehow, Bastardo was able to finish a 1-2-3 inning despite the lack of the word CLOSER tattooed on his face. It is too bad that this was only done because Jonathan Papelbon had recorded 5 outs the night before. Had this been a preventive strategy rather than a reactionary one, we would be giving Manuel more credit (yes, we are actually discussing complimenting the manager for a 170-million dollar roster that is 11 games out).

Both Chase Utley and Ryan Howard were given the day off; partially because of their ongoing injury recovery, and partially because of the LHP who started the game for Colorado. Personally, I think Howard should sit more often against lefty starters, regardless of injury status. This probably will not happen at CBP until year 4 of his ungodly contract.

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