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Friday, July 13, 2012

Game 87: Phils swept by Atlanta (37-50)

The Phils dropped the final game before the All-Star break Sunday by a score of 4-3. Charlie Manuel made no obvious in-game mistakes (Vance Worley allowed the first three runs, and Raul Valdes -- correctly pitching to a LHB -- allowed the winning home run to Brian McCann). However, the return of Ryan Howard has given Manuel more opportunities to kill the 2012 Phillies.

The top 6 in the lineup on Sunday was Rollins, Pierre, Utley, Howard, Ruiz, Pence. It is insanity to have 3 consecutive lefties in the order followed by 2 straight righties. Having such a stacked lineup allows the opposing manager to use his left-handed relievers in multiple-batter situations without having to face a righty. Of course, Manuel has been doing this for years; however, Utley and Howard are both past their prime, so each time he trots out this lineup, it is even dumber than  the day before.

This is the part of the post where I say that hopefully Manuel has a brain aneurysm that causes him to alternate lefties and righties for the rest of the season, but this team is going nowhere. So, Charlie, keep the idiotic lineup strategy flowing. These game posts are easy when you've screwed up before the game even starts.

The Phillies play tomorrow in the Mountain time zone, when someone for Philadelphia pitches against someone who plays for the Rockies.


Robby Bonfire said...

At last, the Phillies have sunk from being among baseball's elite, to qualifying for the "hapless" zinger.

At there is an article chronicling the fall of the Phillies, and one part really hurts - where the columnist refers to the Phillies: "sloppy defense, mental lapses, baserunning mistakes, and poor execution of fundamentals."

This scortching indictment is the fault of the manager, and the GM who refuses to even consider making a change. It is not the fault of the players, who have, essentially, nothing to play for, any more, and who have obviously quit on the manager, rather than just come right out and revolt. Gutless that is, too.

What an eyesore embarrassment Philadelphia baseball has become, now in the eyes of the entire nation, not just at home.

hk said...


It is amazing how rapidly RAJ and Cholly led this team down the path to ruin. As I have commented many times in the past on this site and on others (including those from which you have been barred), it was not hard to see the crash coming although I thought that the talent might overcome the mis-management for another year or two. Like you, I fear that the recovery will be a long, painful one unless ownership realizes the error of their post-Gillick ways and hires a qualified GM.

Robby Bonfire said...

As regards "being barred," while I don't seek that, it makes me feel like an individual with a mind of my own, rather than like a "party line" parrot, which is what so many of these blogger sites apparently want - a little cheering section for the home team.
Don't we get enough syrup from the glut of "homer" announcers everywhere you look?

I remember the laughable Bob Murphy selling us on "The Old Perfesser," (sic), Casey Stengel, when the Mets were winning about one game in three.

You realize there are still Phillies fans out there who still side with Manuel and still believe this team will turn it around, in the second half? Damn, reality is a tough pill to swallow, but at least they are still welcome at the "down home" blogger site. lol.

Robby Bonfire said...

What really pissed me off re Baer, is that when he banned me, I sent him an email detailing my highly emotional and supportive life history as a Philadelphia sports, fan, and as a longtime resident of Ardmore, PA, complete with an Episcopal Academy and Lower Merion H.S. proud affiliation history, to get him off his enfeebled "troll" paranoia. Don't you just love it when people who don't know you purport to tell you who you are and where you are coming from, and are 180 degrees out of it?

I notice that many sabermetricians have a condescending, know it all, crap attitude toward the rest of society. Sort of like the contempt career politicians have for the populace, and routinely talk down to us. A dose of humility somehow seems to find its way into the lives of elitist swine, sooner or later, usually via scandal.

You men running this show are vastly superior to most of your colleagues, in my book, for attitude, openness, and knowledge of the sport you cover with distinction and objectivity.