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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Game 83: Phils score 9 runs in final 3 innings for Lee (37-46)

The Phillies pulled themselves within 7.5 games of New York for second place in the division yesterday afternoon, defeating the Mets 9-2 behind Cliff Lee's 8 innings. Jonathan Papelbon pitched the 9th inning with a 7-run lead, which is insane, but he also hadn't pitched since June 26, which is also insane. I suppose the insanity cancels out, so we won't kill Manuel for using him, especially since there are only 4 games remaining before the all-star break.

Manuel's starting pitcher went 8 innings, and his lineup put 9 runs on the board, so there's nothing material worth discussing for this one. With Cole Hamels on the mound against the second-place team in the division and a huge deficit in the standings to overcome, this is about as close as you can get to a must-win game on July 5. However, since RHP R.A. Dickey starts for the Mets, don't count on it.

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Robby Bonfire said...

Interesting pattern with Papelbon -don't use him for a few days, including bypassing using him when he could make a positive difference, then use him when his presence is effectively useless, regardless of whether he is sharp, or not, "because he needs the work."

Charlie Manuel continues to besmirch the sport of baseball, same as did the Black Sox conspirators and their benefactor, Arnold Rothstein; same as did Hal Chase, who rigged the outcome of dozens of games during his active playing career; same as did Pete Rose who arrogantly broke all the rules re gambling on games; same as did all the spit-ball braggart pitchers starting with poster children Whitey Ford, Preacher Roe and Gaylord Perry; same as did all the scoreboard sign-stealing weasels who tampered with the outcome of games and seasonal pennant races - starting with Leo Durocher in 1951; and same as the much-celebrated Steve Howe-type cocaine and steroids druggies of the last two decades, who for the most part are being given a pass, with many of them still employed in the game and some of them eventually going to Cooperstown.

And last, but not least, same as crooked umpires who shaded the strike zone to accomodate their personal, insider agenda, from Eric Gregg in the 1997 World Series, to those involved in the rigging of the 2008 World Series in favor of the Phillies from behind the plate to the baselines -per the mandate and incentives from powerful Las Vegas sports book interests.

Congratulations, Manuel, the biggest swindlers in baseball and sports history who are still around are proud of your qualifications as a club member among them. These are men who did not fool all the people all the time, but rather, who just spat with contempt upon those charged with arbitrating the game's integrity and upon their public trust, of course.

You, Manuel, have joined the ranks of the most vile and corrupt dregs in our society - those who chose the low-road and expedience, rather than the high road and honor and integrity, as their highway through life.

Your soul is black as coal tar but you can still look in the mirror at your superficial external ugliness and not feel shame, so long as their is payoff money in it for you to do so.