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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Game 102: Phils swept, Ruiz overused in meaningless game (45-57)

The title speaks for itself. Roy Halladay joined the list of recent substandard starting pitching, so Manuel had no chances to harm the Phillies today. However, it should be noted that Carlos Ruiz started 2 out of 3 games this weekend. There was a rumor that he sat out Saturday's game because of a minor injury.

Manuel certainly needs to start resting his regulars and stop trying to win every game. It is surreal to type that, but it's even more surreal that we all know he will get it wrong.


Robby Bonfire said...

When did this man EVER rest anybody? He rested nobody, a year ago, and went nuts burning out the starters after home advantage for the duration was clinched.

Today is an off day, the perfect time to fire this man and have a new man in place by tomorrow's game in Washington. Instead, even with the debacle in Atlanta, this club still thinks it will reach the playoffs and make a deep post-season run.

In another month, when this season is officially over and out for contention, watch for this perverse SOB then REST his regulars and ease off on his starters. When he does this you will have your proof that his agenda, all along, has been to kill this team's chances when it is in contention. You are going to see some of the smartest managing you have ever seen, once this team is out of contention. What a macabre situation, this monster called "Philadelphia baseball."

Scott Graham said...

Chase Utley better start playing a lot less frequently if this team plans on trying to content over the next couple years. At this point, there is no reason for him to miss the beginning of next season due to his knee problems. Unless, of course, it's a degenerative problem where he'd get worse anyway.

If Halladay's shoulder/arm/deltoid is bothering him at all, he too should be eased through the rest of the season.

Please trade Hunter Pence.

Francisco said...

I think Chase Utley should start moving to left field assuming a physically less demanding position will help him prolong his career.

Scott Graham said...


While I'm not necessarily disagreeing with your logic, I'm not sure it is less physically demanding. He could actually "run through a wall" in LF as opposed to the metaphorical wall he runs through all over the field. I think it also greatly diminishes his value given his fielding abilities at 2nd base.

Robby Bonfire said...

This is a man who, when Raul Ibanez was 37, gave him ONE game off in August of that year, when he was playing through nagging injury, and plated exacted FOUR RBI's for the entire month. I give you Charlie Manuel - the most perverse MF Human Being on the planet, not in politics.

Andy Musser said...

I'm not convinced the added safety of playing left field is worth the drop in positional value in regards to Utley's offense. I highly doubt left field is significantly enough safer than second base where that switch would be necessary.

Robby Bonfire said...

I see we got some value for Vic, not sure what we got for Pense. At least some younger players coming in, eventually.

Seems to me Vic was yet another one who got a late promotion to the big time. I believe he too, like Utley and Howard and some others, was around 25 when they finally gave he a job. Free Agency kicking in, in after just six years has really hurt the sport, badly, keeping old, burned out-dead beats around way past their time and blocking the career establishment of even star caliber players, in many cases.

FA should kick in at age 30, to circuvent this travesty to teams, players, and fans, alike. That way you can bring up the Robin Yount's of the world at 18, again. No one does that, anymore. Look at all the teenagers who got promoted who are in the HOF! You know the names.

Francisco said...

Positional Value is a good point, but consider this, if the man only effectively plays half a season at 2B, his value is already greatly diminished there as it is.

When weighing the options how many games a year do you suppose Chase can still play 2B? Is he still providing enough value there in his current state? Knowing Chase plays hard the LF running through a wall scenario is valid, but consider that at second base it's not only fielding but executing double plays and exposing yourself to base-runners trying to cut you off at the legs. At least in LF Chase can control just how much wear and tear he receives. Didn't a Japanese 2B suffer an injury from a base runner a year or two ago?

If you have better positional value at LF then the answer may be different: take out Chase earlier in games when blowouts occur, for example.

I guess the point is SOMETHING needs to change. Two straight years of Chase starting injured and only playing half a baseball season is an expensive and less useful player no matter how good his offense is.

Scott Graham said...

Well as I mentioned before, there's no reason he should need to start next season on the DL. This season is over, and they should be careful with his usage.

Granted I'm not a physician, but if he can keep his knee problems under wraps, there's no reason he shouldn't be able to play at least120 games at second base.

hk said...

Try telling Charlie this season is over. He probably thinks last night is the start of a 45-15 stretch to make the post-season and anyone who thinks otherwise be damned. He's going to get into the post-season or kill Chase Utley trying.

Andy Musser said...

45-15? Charlie has them at 48-12. At worst.

hk said...

Maybe Charlie will be right. They only need 46 out of the final 58.

Scott Graham said...

World Series or bust!

Robby Bonfire said...

This bunko hustler telling others the team will go on a winning streak and make the playoffs is in direct conflict with the mountain of physical evidence that he has and will continue to go light years out of his way to give this team every opportunity to flounder the rest of the way.

No one has ever seen a pitching staff handled in such a (deliberately) imbecilic manner. At least, every other manager in Major League Baseball history demonstrated a basic understanding of the percentages when it came to knowing his left hand from his right hand.

Can't wait for his special "DAY," and the motor vehicle parade in his honor down Broad Street and over to City Hall for laudatory speeches by The Mayor, special Charlie Manuel Day Committee speaker Mike Schmidt, select current ballplayers, The Commisioner of Baseball with a fawning speech, along with the reading of a message of commendation for "outstanding career accomplishment" from The White House.

Then its on to the ballpark and the showering of gifts, highlighted by the presentation "to the greatest manager in Philadelphia Phillies history" of a new Silver Lexus, to the roaring approval of a ballpark overflowing with "The world's greatest baseball fans."

"Charlie Manuel Day," never to be forgotton by the thousands of misty-eyed people lucky enough to have been there, many of whom paid the scalpers $500.00 for a bleacher seat ticket admission to the "Philadelphia Sports' Finest Hour" extravaganza.