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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Game 101: Blanton pitches well, Phils lose (45-56)

With the Phillies playoff chances at virtually zero and a LHP on the mound for the Atlanta Braves in Mike Minor, Charlie Manuel decided to start Ryan Howard. Not only is Howard a poor hitter against LHPs, but since he is recovering from injury (and the game means nothing), it should be a no-brainer to have rested Howard yesterday. Instead, it seems like Manuel is managing to save his job.

As for the game itself, there's not much to say about Manuel's strategy. He stacked the lefties consecutively, of course, but it did not matter much because Minor pitched 8 innings, followed by Kimbrel. It was good to see Eric Kratz starting; Ruiz has been overused this season, and at this point, his playing time should be switched with Kratz's. If Ruiz starts more than 40% of the games from now until October, which he will, I will be furious. All you would accomplish is the devaluing of your largest non-pitching asset.

This will be a fun two months.

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