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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Game 77: Charlie Manuel/Front Office Cost Phillies Game, Possibly Two Series Wins and Ruin Utley's Return (36-41)

I mentioned a couple days ago that the rotation going into Saturday was flawed.  Saturday featured Kyle Kendrick, and the double header Sunday featured Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee.  Cliff Lee was pushed back two days after the rain postponed Friday's game.  This move is even worse now when you consider that the Phillies/Charlie Manuel planned on having a "bullpen game" Wednesday (last night).  For whatever reason, the Phillies decided not to bring up a starter from the minor leagues for last night's game.  They attacked the game knowing they would rely entirely on the Phillies usual compliment of relievers.  I'll talk more about this later, but before the game even starts, you know this:

1) The Phillies will use multiple bullpen arms Wednesday night for extended periods of time.
2) Kyle Kendrick (not Cliff Lee) would be Thursday's starter, which, again, will use multiple bullpen arms with only 18 hours between games.
3) The Phillies will most likely lose Wednesday night's game because they're throwing TERRIBLE relievers for 9 (maybe more!) innings against Old (Young) McDonald.
4) The Phillies will most likely lose Thursday afternoon because Kyle Kendrick is pitching (not Cliff Lee), and Chase Utley won't be playing.

Chase Utley made me ecstatic in the 1st inning last night with a home run in his first AB back.  Carlos Ruiz tacked on another for back-to-back jacks (he better remain in the top portion of the lineup when Howard comes back soon).  After that, the game pretty much went to hell.  Raul Valdes pitched like Raul Valdes, and gave up runs while throwing a lot of pitches.  Joe Savery threw even more pitches, and gave up even more runs.  Michael Schwimer threw a decent amount of pitches and gave up 0 runs!  Chad Qualls threw a ton of pitches and gave up what seemed like a million hits (and runs).  Antonio Bastardo was used with the Phils down 4 runs.

Recap of Phillies relievers usage over the last several days.

Antonio Bastardo: 4/5 days pitched, 69 pitches thrown (probably unavailable)
Chad Qualls: 4/5 days pitched, 83 pitches thrown (probably/hopefully unavailable)
Raul Valdes: 1/1 days pitched, 42 pitches thrown (probably unavailable)
Joe Savery: 1/1 days pitched, 53 pitches thrown (probably unavailable)
Michael Schwimer: 3/4 days pitched, 43 pitches thrown (maybe available)
Jacob Diekman: 3/4 days pitched, 53 pitches thrown (probably unavailable)

So, RATHER THAN WASTE 1 MINOR LEAGUE ARM (maybe a couple more because I'm not going to assume he'd excel), MANUEL/RAJ WIPED OUT THE ENTIRE BULLPEN (as terrible as it is) FOR TODAY'S GAME.  Except for Papelbon.  This all happened with the notorious inning eater, Kyle Kendrick, on the mound today.  The Phillies don't have a day off until Monday, so don't be surprised when the Marlins take the weekend series in Miami.

Welcome back Chase, I'm sorry.


Scott Graham said...

I'm so glad I got this post in before first pitch. The game is already 4-0, and is essentially over. It's despicable how obviously terrible Manuels' decisions over the past several days have been and that he's still manager.

Scott Graham said...

If I actually thought Manuel were close to getting canned, I'd be fulling rooting for the team to lose every game.

Robby Bonfire said...

Welcome to the club, when and if you join, Scott. It is possible to root against your team - short term - when you understand that in doing so, you are rooting for your team's best ~long term ~ interests.

While I am 100% in favor of firing Manuel (Surprise!), the sorry fact is that if that does happen the replacement will just be an interim guy, and the real retooling for this team's future will begin in earnest during this coming off-season.

Making this a completely lost and unrecoverable season, but at least with the promise of a silver lining around the clouded, murky future, coming into view.

We can agree that the first order of business is firing or retiring Manuel, and when we get there, as slowly as the recovery process may seem, this organization will have taken a giant leap forward, assuming the permanent new man is competent, and the GM matures to where he is more decisive than reticent to make mandated moves, in timely fashion, and not be too proud about letting a sick situation festor just to cover his ass.

RAJ resigning this clown two years ago is as bad a front office decision as I can recall being made since that Harry Frazee Broadway impresario sent The Babe to the Yankees in 1920 - for $$$ Money $$$, which upset the balance of competition in baseball for all-time and immeasurably damaged the sport, as we are still dealing with it, today.

Francisco said...

Chad Qualls is definitely Unavailable

Scott Graham said...

I understand I can root against my team short-term for the long term good. I just find it impossible to do when I believe there is <5% chance Manuel will be fired at any point this season. If this were realistic conversation around the media or FO, I'd be Pat Burrell leading the parade.