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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Game 75: Phils capitalize on Pirates miscues (35-40)

The Phillies were able to take the 1st of a 4 game set against the Pirates on Monday night.  This was due in large part to a solid outing by Joe Blanton, and the Pirates defense looking like a little league team (4 errors).  Blanton struck out 8 while only walking 1 in 7 innings of work.

Not much to say about Manuel tonight.  The lineup was what you'd expect at this point, and with the Phillies up by a large amount for most of the game, it was hard for him to mess up.  Up by 5 runs heading into the 8th, Manuel used Diekman and Qualls to record the final 6 outs.  Qualls usage is kind of questionable as he's apparently one of the best bullpen arms, but we'll let it slide.


Sarge's Run-on Sentence said...

Oh man...when is the last time 'Qualls' and 'one of the best' were used in the same sentence?

Scott Graham said...

It's kind of nauseating.