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Monday, June 25, 2012

Game 74: Cliff Lee defeated again (34-40)

I have nothing to say about this game. Cliff Lee was beaten again, and the Phils dropped the rubber game to the Devil Rays by a score of 7-3. There's really not much to say about Manuel, except for what I'm about to say about Manuel.

Mr. Graham went over Hamels's day/night splits in the below post. He is significantly better during night games than he is during the day. I have no reason what the reason is (hangover, workout routine, etc.), but there are over 1500 PAs in the daytime that are telling me Hamels is a good pitcher, but not his night-time superhuman self. Unfortunately for the Phillies, they decided to throw Hamels during the day game.

Yes, Hamels allowed zero runs over 7 innings, but perhaps he wouldn't have suffered through his 34-pitch 4th inning (and therefore could have pitched 8 or even 9 innings) had he started the night game. Conversely, had he simply started the night game with the same results (7 IPs, 0 runs), the Phils would have been in a better position to win the night game (since they scored 3 runs themselves) than they did in the day game.

Whatever; it is obvious that Manuel doesn't pay attention to L/R splits. Expecting him to think about day/night splits is about as reasonable as expecting David Wright to replace Sergei Bobrovsky on the Flyers bench next season.

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