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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Game 72: Pap loses 5 grand, Thome & Phils win on walk-off (34-38)

It's usually pretty pointless to complain about Manuel's starting lineup because he almost never gets it right even when he has a full compliment of players, but not starting Shane Victorino today is somewhat confusing.  Victorino was scheduled for a night off for last night's game (he's played in every game so far this season), and ended up getting a night off due to the postponement.  Victorino is one of the few quality players on the field for the Phillies these days, and giving him two days off is questionable when you're a) facing James Shields and b) in 4th place in your division.

As far as Manuel's pitching changes, it's tough to criticize when Kyle Kendrick only lasts 4 innings.  Raul Valdes did his job extraordinarily well striking out 4 and only allowing 1 batter to reach base.  Manuel did a good job leaving Bastardo in and not going to Michael Schwimer in the 8th.  I think Charlie could have gone to Papelbon, but he let Bastardo see his way out of it.

Pap blew his first save.  Big whoop.  Thome hit a walk-off, and the Phillies won.

I want all the readers to know my new big pet-peeve.  Now that wins are hard to come by, and the "using Papelbon before the 9th inning" strategy seems more important when the Phillies are in trouble in the 8th, the announcers are driving me crazy.  This is because they assume that those people who want to see Papelbon appear before the 9th MUST result in him pitching until the end of time.  He doesn't HAVE to get 6 outs, let's just have him get the outs where there's an imminent threat (HIGH LEVERAGE), okay, Wheels?!

Tomorrow the Phillies look to sweepsweep as Hamels and Lee face Price and Cobb, respectively.


Robby Bonfire said...

Fourth place in the division is now the ceiling, where this team's immediate and seasonal goals are concerned. And the age factor hasn't even kicked in, yet, but the familiar "burn-out factor," starting with Vic playing every game until now, is another sick joke on the players and the fans.

Doesn't look like there can be much upside beyond that for a tired, old team with some glaring weaknesses that would be better managed by a parrot well-trained in the lexicon of baseball.

Robby Bonfire said...

The odds against the Phillies making the playoffs are now 12-1. That's a $26.00 payoff on a $2.00 bet at the track.

The odds against the Phillies firing the manager are 1-5. That's a $2.40 payoff on a $2.00 bet.

Sort of a "Catch-22" around here in that you have to be incompetent to be fired by the Philles, but you cannot be incompetent if you are employed by the Phillies. Hmmm.