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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Game 69: Phils win game 1 against Denver (32-37)

The Phillies won the opener of their huge 3-game set against the Rockies last night by a score of 7-2. Cole Hamels may have been left in the game for too long, taking the mound in the 8th inning with 104 pitches under his belt. If this were last season, I would have been furious with that decision. However, with the bullpen as shaky as it is, with a significant deficit in the standings, and with each passing day lowering their chances of re-signing Hamels, I do not mind sticking with him against a strong Rockies' offense. Furthermore, there isn't an off-day in the immediate future, so giving the bullpen rest while simultaneously preparing Hamels for the pennant race (in which every game is a virtual playoff game) is not a bad strategy.

As a result, no complaints for Manuel last night.

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hk said...

Getting out-managed by Jim the hell do you bunt with your 5-hole hitter and basically leave it up to two guys with sub-.280 OBP's (not BA's) to get the run home from 2nd?