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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Game 66: Manuel forfeits game in 4th inning (31-35)

The Phils lost last night to Toronto by a score of 3-0, thanks to some terrible defense yet again by Mike Fontenot and Hunter Pence. Oh yeah, they didn't score any runs anyway.

With a game like last night's where the team is dominated by a pitching staff, it's tough for the manager to make a mistake. Charlie Manuel, however, made sure he was not blameless on the evening.

In the bottom of the 4th inning with one out and a runner on third base, Manuel decided to play the infield back, even though the Phillies were already behind by 2 runs. The Phils' offense had managed exactly zero runs through the first 44% of the game against a strong starting pitcher, but Manuel assumed his team would be able to score 4 runs over the rest of the game. Is this logical? Well, considering the Phillies are averaging 4.4 runs/game, their run expectancy over the next 5 innings is 2.4 runs. If you play the infield back and concede the run, you're asking your offense to overperform the remainder of the game. That does not even consider that the Blue Jays' pitchers last night were above-average.

Playing the infield back with a runner on third only makes sense when you are ahead by 2+ runs late in the game, or you are trying to prevent a runner on second from scoring. Last night, of course, there was no runner on second.

Naturally, the batter hit a weak ground-ball directly to shortstop, which certainly would not have resulted in a run scored had the infield been properly aligned. Instead, the Blue Jays scored a cheap run, Jimmy Rollins made the easy out at first, and Vance Worley and the Phillies did not allow another run the rest of the game.

The Phillies obviously would not have won the game last night anyway, but their limited offensive threats would have been higher-leverage had they kept the score at 2-0 the entire game.

Nice job, Charlie -- you prevented the Jays from scoring that fourth run.

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Robby Bonfire said...

Is Chuck-wagon Charlie on the payroll of every team the Phillies play, as well as on the Phillies payroll? No, - than why does he manage like it?

Imagine, this man is being paid ~MONEY~ in exchange for gross incompetence and maybe more. Wonderful soap opera because this continuing fiasco cannot be real.

Over at the ESPN baseball standings section, the Phillies, before today's loss, were down to 10.5% chance of making the playoffs. Wow - Not a stirring in sight in the executive wing. Somebody give Phillies brass a panic button as an early Christmas present.

Damn, these were the guys swapping old wives tales and sipping brandy as the Titanic went down - wearing black tie attire, of course, which made dying a gruesome death quite alright, old boy.