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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Game 61: Tie game on the road? Use your worst relievers (29-32)

The Phillies lost another extra inning game in part because they used BJ Rosenberg before they used Jonathan Papelbon. Antonio Bastardo and Papelbon combined to throw 1.0 innings and eight pitches in this game, which was either a 1-run or tied game for its entire duration. Rosenberg and Chad Qualls combined to throw fifty-two pitches over 4 innings. Ladies and gentleman, this is how a 170-million dollar team is managed.

Using Bastardo for only 1 inning in a game that is almost certainly headed for extra innings is simply insulting to the 20,000+ Philadelphians who drove down to Baltimore today. However, it is good for me, because the mistake is so obvious that I can pull off this recap in under 300 words.

That said, if the second base umpire doesn't miss an obvious call that led to two early Orioles' runs (they only scored four in the first 9 innings), the Phillies win this game easily. Thanks a lot, Selig! I'll see you in Hell, even though I will try my hardest to not look at what you call your face.

Tomorrow the Phillies will find another way to blow an easily winnable series when Cliff Lee faces RHP Jason Hammel at 1:35 pm.


Robby Bonfire said...

I don't understand the comment"..."Easily winnable series in Baltimore." Baltimore, well into June, is a solid contender in the A.L. East, and a team on the rise. Philadelphia, conversely, is now problematical for even making the playoffs and a candidate to finish last in the N.L. East, and a team that is losing traction as this season is getting away from this team, ever so quickly.

I doubt this Phillies team could take two out of three at home vs. San Diego, the way it is falling off a cliff.

20,000 people making the trip from Philadelphia to Baltimore to see this team play must be nuts, or incredibly bored with their lives. There are no more good books to read?

Andy Musser said...

The "easily winnable" comment was specifically due to the pitching matchup for the rubber match. Lee vs. Hammel is a clear advantage for Philadelphia.