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Friday, June 8, 2012

Game 59: Hamels struggles in a day game, zero people are surprised (28-31)

The Phillies completed their 4-game series against LA this afternoon, when Aaron Harang somehow outpitched Cole Hamels. The "somehow", however, is the fact that Hamels is a much less effective pitcher in day games than night games. 

In 66 career games started during the day, Hamels owns a 3.95 ERA. At night, in 126 games started, he has a 3.08 ERA. These stats do not include yesterday's start; as a result, there is no reason to be surprised at the fact that Hamels had a mediocre start against the best team in the National League.

I don't have any complaints today about Manuel. He could have gone to Papelbon to pitch to the top of the 9th when the score was 4-3 LA, but would the Phillies offense have scored anyway? For the record, if Fontenot and Mayberry avoided their respective errors in the 9th inning (note: Mayberry was initially given an error on his misplay, but it was later changed to a hit, albeit incorrectly), LA would have likely scored zero runs in the inning.

I'm not going to blame Manuel for anything in today's loss, for two reasons: primarily, the Phils wouldn't have won regardless of their manager; and, secondly, we have already amassed a season's worth of costly managerial gaffes before Flag Day.

Tomorrow the Phils head to Baltimore for a 7:05pm start time, during which Joe Blanton will ignore Jim Thome's withered swing against Jake Arietta, the Orioles' young righty. Arietta owns a 4.0 BB/9 for his career, so expect a lot of impatience from the Phils lineup. 


hk said...

It's good to see that the team was smart enough to replace Galvis with Michael Martinez as they head out on a roadtrip that could effectively bury them in the standings. With 9 straight in AL parks where you can use a DH and shuoldn't need many PH's and with the first 5 scheduled against RHP's, why would they not call up Dom Brown to play LF while leaving Pierre as the DH? Are they really going to give those AB's to Thome as some sort of lifetime achievement award and compromise their chances of winning these crucial games? I didn't think it was possible for this to get any worse, but this combo of RAJ and Cholly keeps sinking to new depths. I would believe Mr. Bonfire's conspiracy theory that they are losing on purpose, but believing that would give these two too much credit that they would be smart enough to do so.

Robby Bonfire said...

On the ~remote~chance this manager will finally get the axe, any nominations for his replacement?

Must be 10 guys no worse than Davey Lopes out there, somewhere. lol.

Anonymous said...

RAJ + The Meathead Manager = "The Two Stooges."

hk said...

Lopes would be a great choice, but there's no way this smug GM would bring him back after he wouldn't give him a $50K raise to stay on the coaching staff. I would take a guy from Joe Maddon's staff hoping that Maddon had worn off on the guy. I suspect that Ryne Sandberg will replace Charlie as long as he's still in the system when Charlie gets the boot.

hk said...

Please consider titling the column about tonight's game, "The Corpse of a Hall of Famer Batted Clean-Up".

Francisco said...

"Jim Thome's withered swing against Jake Arietta"

For one night at least, Thome defied statistics.