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Monday, June 4, 2012

Game 55: Phils manage only one run, Blanton shelled again (28-27)

Carloz Zambrano pitched 7.7 innings on Sunday afternoon, allowing only one run. The run was scored when the Phils were down 5-0, and it was basically just a result of an infield single and a wild pitch. I suppose this is what happens when you have Hector Luna batting 4th.

Joe Blanton pitched decently, allowing 2 runs through the first 6 innings. Then the 7th inning came, and he loaded the bases with nobody out. The score at this point was only 2-0 with Chad Qualls warming in the bullpen. You could make the argument that Blanton should have been removed after the bases were loaded, but with RHP Qualls as your replacement, there's not really a huge difference. Blanton allowed a two-run double to Jose Reyes to ice the game, after which Manuel removed Blanton. Since Blanton's platoon splits are relatively even (and Qualls is much stronger against RHBs than lefties), we'll give Manuel a pass today.

Either way, the Phils weren't going to win that game.

It only gets more difficult tonight, when they take on the LA Dodgers at 7:05pm. Vance Worley faces LHP Clayton Kershaw.

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Robby Bonfire said...

Joe Blanton = the Phillies version of Jason Marquis. Every club has one or two of these meat-cleaver palookas.

Too bad there are too many teams so that fans have to pay top-dollar to watch these career brick wall pitchers who were just journeyman hacks during their career peak. But we do need the cover the map with extraneous franchises to keep those national TV ratings smoking, right? I mean, think of the disaster to baseball if teams in KC, Tampa, Oakland and Denver - what with that awful venue for "pong-ball baseball," actually folded - my God, how would we ever cope?