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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Game 49: Phils lose after umpire blows call, no one cares (25-24)

The Phils lost the finale of their 4-game series to St. Louis this afternoon, by a score of 8-3. Roy Halladay surrendered four runs in 2 innings of work before his removal due to shoulder soreness. The Phils cut the lead to 4-1, but once Chad Qualls allowed a 3-run homer to extend the deficit to six, the game was out of reach.

In the top of the second inning, Carlos Ruiz led off with a double. He was moved to third on a fly ball to right field, and with one out, he attempted to score from third on a ground ball. The throw to the plate beat Ruiz, but Yadier Molina's tag was very slow, and Ruiz's foot clearly reached the plate before the tag. The home plate umpire made one of the laziest calls you'll ever see, barely moving from his original position and signaling "out" about as energetically as a Tim McClelland strike-call. This would have cut the score to 4-1 with a possibility of more damage in the inning; instead, the Phils did not argue at all. For all the dumb things Manuel gets tossed out of games, it would be nice if he argued an actual injustice that directly costs his team a run.

Tomorrow the Phils head to Shea Stadium for Cole Hamels's matchup against LHP Jonathon Niese at 1:10pm.


Anonymous said...

shea stadium? lol

Andy Musser said...

The Mets haven't been worth anyone's attention since 2008, so until that changes, or until they rename the Jackie Robinson Rotunda after someone who actually played a game for the Mets franchise, I'm not going to bother.

Robby Bonfire said...

I did make reference, a couple columns ago, here, to Manuel being, in effect, on "automatic pilot" or "roboticized." The worms in my back yard exhibit more passion.

It's your column, so of course do as you please, but the reference, above, to Charlie Manuel being a "Fantastic Motivator" has to be some kind of "please don't sue us for libel" disclaimer. How the hell can any player be "motivated" by a manager who is off fishing, mentally, 24 hours every night and day of his life.

I woke up this morning wondering how long Manuel would have lasted had he managed for George Steinbrenner? The unequivocal answer is that he would have been fired half-way through his first spring training with the Yankees, who would not have been embarrassed about changing course and correcting a grievous error, at all, given their focus upon the "big picture," not the little P.R. gaff and added expense of doign the right thing. By contrast, the Philadelphia Phillies are the most ~gutless~ and trancelike/zombie-esque organization in professional sports.

Funny how George and Billy didn't get along, yet they shared such a remarkable passion and dedication to winning, more than any other owner-manager pairing in the game, in their time(s) together. Phillies ownership, by contrast, is the most obscure and laid back bunch of default wussies ever to come down the pike, in not addressing this disgusting situatuion with this hack "manager." A pox on their house.

Andy Musser said...

Well, the 11 million dollar scoreboard is fantastic at motivating the fans to "make noise", so take the first sentence for what it's worth.