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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Game 44: Phils lose another series to Washington, umpire overreacts (21-23)

We have no complaints for Manuel today. Due to his general manager, he was forced to trot out this lineup: Juan Pierre (who couldn't get a major league contract 4 months ago), Placido Polanco (he may actually be older than Jamie Moyer), Shane Victorino, Hunter Pence (lower walk rate than Joe Blanton this season, and he plays defense about as well as Jodie Meeks -- but, after all, HE LIKES FOOD), Carlos Ruiz, Hector Luna (in the 6-hole!!!), Freddy Galvis (because you can't afford a real middle infielder when you're paying a past-his-prime Ryan Howard and a terribly misused closer 175 million dollars), and Mike Fontenot (ditto). Somehow, they managed to score 2 runs, but Roy Halladay was unable to pitch like he is in a video game, so the result was a 5-2 final.

The Phils were down 4-1 early, and they never really came close in this one. Manuel did not mismanage his bullpen.

Here's the "best" quote of the game from Chris Wheeler (paraphrased), as Jake Diekman was in the midst of a 1 2/3 innings-, 4-strikeout, 0-walk performance:

"You know, we've been wondering how long it would take for Diekman to be able to be trusted in an important situation against a big lefty, and it's becoming pretty clear that the answer is sooner rather than later."

Man, where to begin with this one? Do we start at the fact that the Phillies are relying on a 5-inning MLB sample size to make this decision, rather than the 80+ innings he's thrown in AA and AAA since 2011 with a 2.23 SO/BB ratio? For reference, JC Romero had a 1.35 ratio (holy Hell!) with the Phillies. Or, we could laugh that this is as close to Wheeler gets as criticizing the manager. Had Diekman appeared in the 5th inning of Saturday's Boston game to face Gonzalez and Ortiz, then it's very possible for this team to be at .500 right now. But, man, those 20 pitches he threw last night PROVE he's much more ready than he was 90 hours ago.

Finally, is there anything worse than umpires ejecting catchers for turning around while speaking? There is no question in my mind that Ruiz's dialect causes him to turn around more frequently than other catchers, simply so the umpire can hear him more clearly (and don't think umpires are above saying "what?" just to bait the catcher). These Spanish-speaking catchers are absolutely ruining the game by SHOWING UP the umpires. The next time Carlos Ruiz gets called out on strikes by an umpire with an exaggerated third strike call (or a check swing punchout, complete with the absurd leg-kick, from a corner umpire), he should BLAST the umpires for showing HIM up. After all, umpires, players make mistakes too!!!

Major League Baseball: the only entity on Earth where eye contact during conversation is considered disrespectful (NOTE: this is probably false; if Carlos Ruiz were a middle-eastern woman, he'd have been bludgeoned to death by now).

What a joke this season has been so far; somehow (read: the Braves starting rotation), they are only 5.5 games out of first place.

Tonight the Phils look to begin their worst-to-first climb as Cole Hamels takes on RHP Edwin Jackson at 7:05 pm.

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hk said...

Now only 4.5 out because Fredi Gonzalez, or Frediot if you will, pulled a Charlie (actually a Torre) and lost a road game on a walk-off while Kimbrel watched, unused.