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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Game 43: Phils lose close game with Kendrick on the mound (21-22)

There's no real complaints about Charlie's lineup from last night.  Gio Gonzalez even has somewhat reverse splits (OPS anyway), so batting Pierre leadoff (also reverse splits) isn't atrocious.  I certainly hope Mike Fontenot doesn't see the field a lot this season, especially against LHPs.  Yes, Rollins is on paternity leave so it's fine, but Fontenot owns a career .660 OPS vs. LHPs.

Normally, I expect the Phillies to get blown out when Kyle Kendrick starts, but he pitched pretty well last night.  He allowed 7 batters to reach base over 7 innings.

My biggest complaint would have to be Polanco's baserunning in the 6th inning.  With 0 outs, and runners on 2nd and 3rd, Hunter Pence hit a line drive to CF.  Rick Ankiel was forced to make a diving catch, which you would assume would be enough to score Polanco from 3rd if he were tagging up.  However, he was not near the base, and as a result the Phillies did not score a run in the inning.  They lost by a final of 2-1.  You do the math.

Tonight, Roy Halladay throws the ball first, and Jordan Zimmerman will be the first National throwing the ball (2nd to Halladay, of course)...  Has anyone else noticed the absurd amount of "ceremonial first pitches" thrown out before Phillies home games this season?  The night that Brian Dawkins threw out the "ceremonial first pitch", he was the third to do so.  Terrible.  I agree with Mr. Musser.  There should be "ceremonial first stolen bases" and "ceremonial first hit by pitches" if you're going to have so many ceremonies.


Robby Bonfire said...

The computerized odds against the Phillies making the playoffs are now 2-1 = 1 chance in 3, as printed in the ESPN Sports web site divisional standings Even if this club continues to falter and just blow smoke, I make it 1-10 that Manuel will be fired = over 90per cent chance that he will not be fired, regardless of how badly this club does this year.

This situation reminds me of the classic line in "Wall Street" where "Gordon Gekko" says: "Christ, if this guy owned a funeral parlor, no one would die." lol

What a puking joke this Philadelphia Phillies franchise is. And the terminal cancer goes a lot deeper than the onslaught of botched lefty-righty percentage moves out of the bullpen and in the starting lineup.

hk said...

I think the funeral parlor owner is actually Ruben Amaro, Jr. In my opinion, most of what is rotten with this team, which I grant you includes the choice of manager, falls in the GM's lap. I agree that Charlie is massively incompetent - I disagree that he is on the take - and that Amaro's roster construction and mis-management of the coaching / managerial staff is what really needs to be addressed. Keep Amaro and keep the downward spiral. Unfortunately, I think that Amaro is significantly more secure in his job than Manuel.

Robby Bonfire said...

HK -

Yes we would all like to believe that this manager is trying his best and, even with his failings and short-comings, has the best interest of the players and the team at heart, but then, dammit anyway, " Documented Asinine Maneuver #5776" over the last nine years, he brings in his Fort Knox contract reliever with a 5-1 lead, his third appearance in three days, and check me if I'm wrong, but I believe another game was on tap for the next day, and if so, that would effectively render the Fort Knox closer unavailable in a game where he might have been needed.

How the hell can stuff like this be defended? "He needed the work" doesn't apply. The "He's my guy" grinding him down to powder "Brad Lidge Strategy," we know is an effectivenss killer and an injury inducer.

I mean, NO ONE, can be as unintentionally stupid as this. So that I say the man is smarter than the rest of those who passively put up with this garbage and don't call for the manager's head.

And yes, getting rid of this human meatball is just half the equation, Amaro was, by light years, the wrong choice for GM. Where have you gone Mike H, when we desperately need you? Boy that was a shabby way to treat the man who had earned the GM position, in spades, with his phenomenal player personnel acquisitions for the organization. I am ashamed and embarrassed for Phillies ownership, even if they are arrogantly unapologetic, on their own.