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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Game 40: Qualls faces Gonzalez for no reason, Phils win (21-19)

In the top of the 8th inning last night with the score 5-3, Chad Qualls came into the game to face Dustin Pedroia (RHB), Adrian Gonzalez (LHB), and Cody Ross (RHB). Pedroia has even splits, Gonzalez is significantly better against RHPs, and Ross is significantly better against LHPs.

Qualls has been much more effective against RHBs in his career than lefties, and judging by his miniscule 5.9 K/9 rate last season, he is probably more vulnerable than ever against lefties. When you have Antonio Bastardo in your bullpen (who is just as effective against righties as he is against lefties), it is inexcusable to allow Qualls to face the heart of the Red Sox lineup. Pete Mackanin, who was filling in because of Manuel's suspension, almost certainly used Qualls because there were two RHBs out of the first three.

Thankfully for everyone involved, Qualls retired Pedroia before facing Gonzalez. "Thankful" is the proper word, because Gonzalez launched a 404-foot home run off Qualls to cut the lead to 5-4. Qualls then retired Ross, and was removed from the game for Bastardo after David Ortiz came to the plate with two outs.

Antonio Bastardo, at this point, is simply a better pitcher than Chad Qualls. I'd rather have Bastardo face Ross than Qualls face Gonzalez for two reasons: Qualls is not as good as Bastardo, and Bastardo is more effective against RHBs than Qualls against RHBs. Also, if you bring in Bastardo to start the inning, and he allows a baserunner before Ross comes to the plate, you still have Qualls available to face Ross. Additionally, with Jake Diekman and Raul Valdes (both lefties) in the bullpen, you still have moves to counter the Ortiz pinch-hit appearance.

It would have been very interesting to see if Qualls would have stayed in the game had Pedroia reached base before Gonzalez's at-bat. My guess is yes, because Qualls is the "8th inning guy", and also because Mackanin's risk-aversion (e.g., erring on the side of not over-managing as an interim manager) is a factor.

Jimy Williams, we miss you.

Tonight the Phils try to win the series when Big Joe Blanton faces LHP Jon Lester at 7:15 pm.

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Robby Bonfire said...

It is really down to whether Charlie Marshmallow-Head is the dumbest human being on the planet, or on the take for a mountain of "bag money" to decimate/burn-out his team during the regular season at the behest of a certain "influence-peddling" American League franchise which has zero-tolerance for losing, and to which not winning the World Series every year represents abysmal failure?

I say Manuel is a crook, and given the evidence to support his crass undermining of Phillies teams over the years, last fall I brought this postulate to the attention of a high-profile sports investigative reporter, who mostly has focused upon and written about National Football League corrupt owners and scandals, over the years. Sorry to report that, courteous as he was to me, his plate is over-loaded with journalistic commitments which will back him up far beyond Manuel's tenure in Philadelphia.

It is a shame that this ~blatant criminal~ Manuel will get to skate when his time is up, here. He has taken the sport of baseball for a ride akin to the Rothstein "Black Sox" besmirching of the game, and will have the last laugh on the rest of of us, when he checks out.

Charlie Manuel is one hell of a lot more than merely "incompetent" when it comes to lefty-righty match-ups, as well as the overuse, the underuse, and the deliberately wrongly spotting in games and for warm-up tactics regarding his "50 million dollar contract" closer.

Charlie Manuel has fooled all the people in Philadelphia all the time with his duplicity and his conspiring to wreck this team's chances for attaining the ultimate post-season success, every year, and NO ONE in Philadelphia, it seems, is the wiser. Best "Sting" job to come down the pike since the classic 70's film of the same name. Just like the movie character "Doyle Lonnegan," the Philadelphia Phillies and their fans don't even seem to know they have been had, and maybe don't even care, their lassitude as regards oversight of this hustler's modus operandi being a major contributing part of the problem.

This could not have happened in the more sophisticated environments of Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles, but it was easy pickings, it seems, for "Small Town" Philadelphia.

Charlie Manuel, it seems, is dumb as a fox. The populace of Philadelphia, it seems, is smart as a rock.