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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Game 36: Papelbon stood up, so let's use him unnecessarily (17-19)

Last night Charlie Manuel put together a pretty decent lineup, all things considered.  While I'm not a huge advocate of Juan Pierre, he has been getting on base a lot this season (.387 OBP).  Ruiz continues to bat outside the bottom 3 slots, and John Mayberry is getting to play more.

Joe Blanton pitched well again last night as he continues to strikeout batters as he's now recorded 28 Ks in his last 30 innings of work.

After Blanton started the 8th inning a little shaky, Manuel brought in Antonio Bastardo to face LHB Jordan Schafer, who was promptly replaced with a pinch hitter.  Bastardo was left in the game to pitch to the next batter as well, switch-hitter Jed Lowrie.  He retired both hitters before being replaced by Chad Qualls to face RHB Carlos Lee.  Well done, Mr. Manuel.

In the bottom of the 8th inning with the Phillies up by 2, Placido Polanco hit a 2-run homer that stretched the lead to 4.  However, since Jonathon Papelbon had already stood up and started throwing, Manuel was forced to bring Papelbon into the game.  It's almost as if the TV announcers knew that this was a bad move, but went on to justify it by saying that "Papelbon hasn't been overworked recently, and you really hope the pitcher doesn't have to throw too many pitches in the inning since it's not a save situation".  While it's true that Papelbon hasn't been overworked recently, he did pitch on Sunday.  He did seem to experience some discomfort while pitching as well.  One would think that with an afternoon game today, noticeable discomfort in the best pitcher in the Phillies bullpen on Sunday, and a 4 run lead that Manuel would have enough reasons to not use him.  Instead he trotted Papelbon out, and he shut the game down.

Don't be surprised if Papelbon can't pitch today (if the game is even played) if needed.  Assuming a game, Cliff Lee will take on the Tibetan Book of the Dead according to the Phillies website.


hk said...

Great call on Papelbon being unavailable.

Anonymous said...

boy did you get this one right.
"Don't be surprised if Papelbon can't pitch today"

Charlie almost cost us another one