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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Game 34: Volquez beats Halladay (15-19)

The Phils fell victim to the sacrifice bunt yet again last night, handing the San Diego Padres a free out after Jimmy Rollins' leadoff single in the bottom of the 9th with the score 2-1. The next two batters were retired, and the game was over.

The chances of scoring at least one run when you have a man on first and nobody out is 44%. When you have a man on second and one out, the chances of scoring at least 1 run is 41%. So, even if you're successful 100% of the times on sac bunts, it's still a terrible decision. Once you factor in the possibilities of striking out/bunting into a double play, it's even more obvious that a sac bunt is detrimental to your team.

Placido Polanco was the player Manuel chose to lay down the bunt -- he was batting second in the lineup. If you feel that your best chance of winning the game involves your 2-hitter intentionally making an out, then he should not be batting second (something we've been saying here all season).

Manuel manages inefficiently yet again, and the Phillies continue to lose.

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