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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Game 30: Manuel bunts Ruiz AND Polanco to get to Galvis and Kratz (14-16)

The Phils blew yet another chance to get back to .500 last night thanks to Charlie Manuel's insistence on handing the opposition a free out.

With the score tied 2-2 in the bottom of the 8th inning, RHP Bobby Parnell, Ty Wigginton led off with a single. Manuel immediately chose to decrease his team's chances of winning by calling for a sac-bunt from Carlos Ruiz. Even if the sacrifice is successful, the offense is less likely to score a run in the inning. And, since you're using one of your top-3 hitters in Ruiz, it's simply a terrible move. Naturally, Manuel got lucky, and Parnell misplayed Ruiz's bunt. Two on,  nobody out.

Placido Polanco was the next batter. Normally I do not disagree with sac-bunts that move a runner from second to third with zero outs (it slightly increases run-frequency), but when you're bunting with an actual hitter (Polanco, who has been hitting well lately) to get to a minor leaguer who is only on the team for defense (Galvis), then it unquestionably decreases your chance of scoring.

Making the decision even worse was that Parnell fell behind 2-0 to Polanco, giving Manuel a chance to take off the bunt until a strike is thrown. However, this would require Manuel to think quickly, and Polanco bunted at ball 3 to give the Mets the first out of the inning.

Here's where it gets worse: why is Wigginton still in the game? He should have been removed for a pinch runner (Pete Orr) immediately after reaching first base. Orr is significantly faster and therefore more likely to get to second on Ruiz's bunt and third on Polanco's bunt. Oh, and he's more likely to score from third base and only one out. Orr is also a better defender, so depth should not be a factor.

With runners now at second and third (and Pete Orr watching from the dugout), Galvis grounded weakly to second base, and Wigginton was thrown out at the plate. It is unclear whether Orr would have scored (it would have been close), but one thing is clear: it was impossible for Wigginton to score on that play.

Mistake 1: Not pinch running for Wigginton after the single
Mistake 2: Bunting Ruiz
Mistake 3: Not pinch running after Mistake 2
Mistake 4: Bunting Polanco
Mistake 5: Not pinch running after Mistake 4

Papelbon pitched the 9th and allowed a 3-run homer with two outs to lose the game, perhaps because he's had a week off for no reason.

The Phils look to tie up the series tonight when Big Joe Blanton faces RHP Miguel Batista at 7:05 pm.


Robby Bonfire said...

You mean to tell me the GM does not know that his manager is senile, comatose, and incompetent? Or he does know it but refuses to address the issue? OMG!

Is Manuel's salary this year's David Bell-redux "We can't write it off no matter how much the dolt is costing us on the field because then we would have to pay someone to replace him" albatross? Sure looks like it.

Welcome to the trailer trash department of executive decision making - Philadelphia National League baseball.

hk said...


The GM is too smug to admit that his man can't manage and the mainstream media is too enamored of Good Ole' Cholly to call him on the carpet. It is a sad, sad state of affairs. I am not ready to join you (yet) in wishing continued losses upon the franchise until they fire the manager, but I am getting close.