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Friday, May 4, 2012

Game 26: Blanton pitches a complete-game shutout (13-13)

The Phils won the rubber-match against Atlanta yesterday by a score of 4-0, behind Joe Blanton's CG on only 88 pitches.

It good to see Manuel leave Blanton in for the 9th inning despite Jonathan Papelbon's availability. No complaints for Manuel today; apparently it is easy to manage a game when you have to make zero decisions.

The Phils head to DC tonight, where, thanks to their manager, they will have a zero percent chance of overtaking first place by the end of the series. Tonight they are underdogs as Kyle Kendrick faces RHP Stephen Strasburg at 7:05 pm.

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hk said...

I'm hoping for two things from tonight's game. One, that the game is rained out (and Kendrick does not have to face Strasburg tonight) has a 40% chance of happening (according to I don't know the chances of the other, that Charlie is smart enough to skip Kendrick and not basically concede one of these three games, but I assume it is < 10% likely.